#41 Small list of feature suggestions


Just to make it official, here is a short list of
feature suggestions I made to the programmer of xfe a
few weeks ago. These were all made after using xfe for
several weeks. I believe the following changes/addition
would improve the file manager.

1) When the new directory dialog appears, the whole
path appears along with the new name at the end. While
this is more flexible, more than two or three directory
levels require you to scroll to the end of the textbox.
Using the new directory name alone here would improve
the usability of the dialog considerably.

2) Your file manager already allows the opening of a
terminal window and the compression of selected items
with a right click. I believe the next step would be to
allow the addition of customised scripts. These would
be added for actions onto a file, selected files,
directory or selected directory. Adding the ability to
receive data from an inputbox would also be very useful.

3) Add a graphical image thumbnailing capability. There
are other alternatives like gqview for this, but they
are fairly weak. Something like Nautilus provides would
be wonderful.

4) The one cut/copy/paste under the edit menu is a bit
confusing for two pane modes. It may be better to add
these to both the left panel and right panel menus for
this mode.

5) Allow aliases to be assigned for bookmarks. It's
difficult work identifying a single bookmarks among
several because the paths vary so wildly. A single name
would help in this process.

6) There seems to be a defined limit on the bookmarks
available. I would suggest that this value is increased
significantly, perhaps with an option to set this to a
defined level. It didn't provide anywhere near enough
for me. Additionally, when the limit is reached, the
first added bookmark is then removed. I find this
behaviour quite confusing, at first I didn't realise
they were disappearing and thought I was going mad.
Maybe it would be best to have a selectable behaviour
that informs you when you run out of bookmarks as an
alternative to the current behaviour.


  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2005-06-10

    Logged In: YES

    1, 3 and partially 6 are now available in Xfe 0.80.
    Thanks for all these suggestions!

  • Strategic

    Strategic - 2005-06-13

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for that. I have some other suggestions too, mainly
    related to flexibility in which I think xfe has great
    potential, but I'll give you a break from my hassling for a
    bit :)

  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2015-01-12

    Feature 2 was implemented in Xfe 1.35.


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