#150 request: "Pipe to..." custom menu item


A menu that would "add" the file or folder in a custom made (by the user) command string.
And, of course, that string would be then executed.

It could be something like this...

The right mouse click menu on a folder (or a file) would have an extra "Pipe to" item,
pointing to user defined "subitems"...

Open with
Pipe to... ------> Smplayer
-------------- Flac to Mp3
Copy Baobab
Cut ffplay

The user might have added the following strings, in his "xferc"...
( the '%s' symbol would reffer to the selected file or directory
(full path, might have spaces),
and the "Name" would define how the string would show on the menu)

"Smplayer" smplayer '%s'
"Flac to Mp3" /home/nikos/apps/flac2mp3/flac2mp3.pl '%s' /home/nikos/tmp
"Baobab" baobab '%s'
"ffplay" xterm -e ffplay '%s'

Meanisng ...
smplayer -> play the file (or the folder'r conntent) with this particular media player
flac to mp3 -> convert the .flac files of this folder in .mp3
with the use of the flca2mp3 shell, and place the mp3 files
in /home/nikos/tmp directory
baobab -> open the folder with Baobab, a graphical tool to analyze disk usage.
ffplay -> open xterm, and then execute: ffplay 'file'

And to keep it simple, these submenu items would be file and folder wide.
The user made them, so he should know if they work for files or folders, or both.


  • nikos

    nikos - 2011-09-20

    some idea of how the menu, and the submenu, might look like

  • nikos

    nikos - 2011-09-20

    The menu, yp there, looks messed up
    because spaces are not supported on comments...

    I've uploaded a rough screenhot...

  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2013-11-28
    • Description has changed:


    --- old
    +++ new
    @@ -1,4 +1,3 @@
     A menu that would "add" the file or folder in a custom made \(by the user\) command string.
     And, of course, that string would be then executed.
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Next_Release_(example)
  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2013-11-28

    You can now use shell scripts to perform custom actions. Look for Nautilus scripts and reuse them in Xfe. More on this to come on the Xfe website.

  • nikos

    nikos - 2014-07-06

    Thanks for the feature.
    It's been a couple months since Mageia updated Xfe, and I can use this.

    But I have the following problem, when opening multiple files.
    (note, that I don't really know scripting)
    Instead of opening all the files together, in the same command, it executes this command multiple times.

    I created this script:

    for arg
    kdiff3 "$arg"

    If, with XFE, I choose files "File_1", "File_2", and do right mouse click,
    and open them with the above script,
    instead of executing this command...

    kdiff3 File_1 File_2

    it will execute two commands...
    kdiff3 File_1
    kdiff3 File_2

    The same happens with other commands, like krename.

    Is this the way it ought to be, or am I doing something wrong?

    If a different syntax is needed, could you please add an example in xfe's docs?

    Or, if this is the default way it works, could I ask to change this?
    To me, it seems more helpful, if all files were included in the same command.
    But, on the other hand, other users might not agree, on this.


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