#175 Ignoring user settings on configuration files


Xfe ignores the user settings for file editor and -viewer in some certain situations.

When I freshly install xfe or when I delete the xferc and than start xfe, xfe writes it's configuration from the scratch. Next I change the settings for file editor and file viewer. When I now open xferc, this file contains a lot of lines in [FILETYPES] section and in each line I find a file name or file type and the name of my choosen editor/viewer.

Now, whenever I open a file with a name or a extension from [FILETYPES] section, as expected it will be opened in my choosen editor/viewer.

But when - for which reason ever - I delete one of those lines in [FILETYPES] section, and than open a file with corresponding name, this file will be opened with xfw. This seems to be a hardcoded fallback for certain recognized filetypes or names.

That seems not to be a big problem - why should one delete lines manually from xferc?

Oh hell, it is really, really annoying. It seems, that in some cases, newer versions of xfe recognize different or new filetypes. Or does xfe read some system settings which have changed? I have no idea. Anyhow - the new version don't create a new xferc! Now when the user opens a file affected by this change, it will not open in his favourite editor, but in xfw. And the user has absolutely now idea, why. There is absolutely no clue to him, that there suddenly a line is missing in xferc.

I stumbled several times over this strange bug - do you remember my post from 2012-07-05? That was the very same bug. When xferc will be created, there is an entry for 'rules', but this entry was missing in my xferc. And this week, I had the very same problem, when I tried to edit a file named 'menu.lst'. It took me hours and hours to find out, why xfe did ignore all my tries to not open this file in xfw!

There is no good reason, why the [FILETYPES] sections will be preallocated for certain file types. Instead xfe simply should honour the users settings in any case.


  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2015-01-12

    This is fixed in Xfe 1.40.
    Thanks for the bug report.

  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2015-01-12
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> v1.0_(example)

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