#160 Inconsistent file renaming when moving


Guess you mounted a remote drive from some different machine, Linux or Windows, cifs or sshfs. When copying a file from a local directory to a directory on the mount, a dialog opens, which shows you the path you are copying to and let's you enter a new file name (if you want). So you not only can copy, but rename the file in the same step. Enter a new filename and, as expected, the copy will be placed in the target directory with the new name.

Now do the same, but don't copy, but cut the original file: Now renaming won't work, the file will be pasted with the original name.

Now do the same again, but this time don't move to a remote, but to a local directory: Now renaming works as expected!

This happens both when cutting/copying in any direction, from or to local, from or to remote directory.

Tested with XFE version 1.32.5


  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2012-08-08
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2012-08-08

    this is fixed in version 1.33.
    Thanks for the bug report,


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