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xf4vnc modular & monolithic

xf4vnc hasn't had a release for quite sometime although development is still active.

The CVS tree contains code for both monolithic, i.e. XFree86 4.x and X.Org 6.x trees, and now a modular tree for the new X.Org 7.x releases.

New releases should follow soon - hopefully.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2007-01-11

xf4vnc released

This release is a work-in-progress that should become the release. I encourage people to try it and report bugs via the bug tracking section.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2004-08-04

xf4vnc Released

No new features, but this release is comes out because of a bug that caused some encodings to crash the Xserver in

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-11-14 Released

Release Notes for

* Fixed a regression from that caused instabilities in vnc connections.

* Added a preliminary option useGetImage to change from
memcpy'ing framebuffer regions to using the Xservers
GetImage call.
NOTE: This option currently doesn't work with all encodings,
and currently only works with TranslateNone. e.g. the same
bits per pixel on the viewer and Xserver. It also requires!!! the
use of locally managed cursors. But the benefit is that some
older graphics cards don't like accessing the framebuffer while
the accelerator engine is working. This alleviates that problem.... read more

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-10-17 Released

This is a quick bugfix release due to drivers that don't implement ARGB hardware cursor support, which in turn caused a server crash.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-09-27

Promote !!!

In order for people to shift to the new release I've removed the older 4.3.0.x series from the download section. There should be no need for these older releases now, and negates the use of the older video drivers.

Please Upgrade!!!

Even for 4.2.0.x users can still upgrade by using the -ignoreABI flag when starting XFree86.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-09-04 Released!

Binaries are up for linux-ix86.

Others will follow soon.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-09-04

xf4vnc released!

* Fixed backingstore initialization (only affected Xvnc)
* Added loginauth authentication from tightVNC
* Fixed problems with the useraccept feature (only affected vnc.so)

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-07-09

Beta released !! is a BETA release.

It's primary feature is that it no longer requires the modified video drivers. But please read the Release Notes when downloading this release before use.

Therefore it should work with binary drivers from nVidia, ATI etc.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-06-29

xf4vnc released!

xf4vnc has been recompiled with glibc 2.2 for linux instead of glibc 2.3 to ensure more compatibility.

I've added support for XFree86 4.3.0's ARGB animated cursors, but you must turn off cursor shape updates (for now). i.e. let the remote server handle the cursor.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-04-30


I'm about to release xf4vnc which contains a fix for reverse VNC connections using the 'vncconnect' tool which affects both Xvnc and vnc.so.

Also, was released a little while back which fixed a problem with http connections which only affected the standalone Xvnc server.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-04-14


This is a bug fix release for the standalone Xvnc server only. The httpd process failed to start with the error 'transport end point not connected'.
Continue to use 4.3.0 for the vnc.so module.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-03-27

xf4vnc 4.3.0 released

xf4vnc 4.3.0 is released alongside the XFree86 4.3.0 release. xf4vnc provides source and binaries of VNC for the XFree86 v4.x (modular) architecture.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-02-28

xf4vnc 4.3.0 is coming

As the 4.3.0 release of XFree86 is approaching, so will the xf4vnc release. Stay tuned!

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2003-02-19

VNC for XFree86 v4.x

The first release of a port of VNC to the new XFree86 v4.x architecture is now available.

Posted by Alan Hourihane 2002-04-18