> <RK> No, it is not at all bad, I suggested to use .NET as I know that the interoperativility between Managed C++
> and C# is not a big problem and you can even do the UI in Managed C++ (however because of the extensions 
> needed the code looks a little dirty). The idea was to use as much as we can of the PAQ Manipulation Routines,
> while gaining the UI capacity of those platforms. So either Managed C++, C# or Java are good options regarding
> the UI, I know that Managed C++ is not a problem at all, but C# is a cleaner language so that is why I suggested
> it the first time.
RK, how do you actually use managed C++ with unmanaged C++ exported classes?  I made up a quick managed C++ form application and tried using the normal _dllexport/_dllimport thing to use a class from an unmanaged DLL.  The project compiled, but blew chunks when it tried to run.  What kind of extra declarations do you have to do to use exported classes in managed C++?
Item ob du ainen pauren wild schaczen so vass
im dy haut zu samen an seinen hals und stich
im dar durch, als hie gemalt stet so maint
er man hab im denn hals ab geschnitten und schat nit
                               -- a great party trick from the Codex Wallerstein