hmmm i guess a forgot it when it was discussed and i just remembered that all you who have to encode animations and stuff and also those who just want to see divx and such clips i suggest u download the nimo package ... they dont come any better than that. u can find one when doing a search  on google but it has changed since i downloaded it and this time i couldnt find the right one so ill upload the nimo package that i have to my account so that u can all download it :) includes all sorts of lil software as well and when installing u can choose what u want to install and what u dont want to install :)
oh and jow, breunor and others who dont have "accounts" to the new technical arts doc please contact me via icq the # is 129421637 or if ja dont have icq then contact me via email and jow i know ya are in the same timezone with me so theres no hiding :)
l33t haxxor