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#338 More explicit instructions regarding Normalisation compared to Binary Normalisation

Next Release

Currently Xena tends to be the piece of software for which we recieve the most enquires from external parties. When installing Xena the readme tells users that Xena is part of the Digital Preservation Software Platform and warns users that Xena does not record actions and will make files bigger. However when using Xena on its own it is possible that users will just perform Normalisation and not Binary Normalisation. This would open up such users to a reasonable chance of data loss if they believe just the normalised Xena file will be suitable for their archive. At a minimum the documentation for Xena should be updated to make explicit that users should have both a Binary Normalisation and a Normalisation for best protection against future data loss. Even better than this would be changing the options of Xena GUI to just be Normalisation and Conversion and then having additional options under normalisation to only perform Binary or conversion type normalisation (and defaulting to do both). This would be much easier to understand for external users and would lower the risk of data loss for inexperienced users.


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