#330 Hashing function

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Steve Hille

The ability to create hashes automatically on file / job completion, the ability to choose which algorthms to use as standard, which to use per job, and how many are desired for use.


  • Steve Hille

    Steve Hille - 2012-09-17

    Also perhaps the ability to run output the file name next to the hashes into some format, even .txt

  • Terry O'Neill

    Terry O'Neill - 2012-09-18

    Hello Steve,

    Can you clarify a bit more what you are after here?

    Currently Xena generates two SHA-512 hashes which are stored inside of the xena file (one for the contents of the package:content tag and one for the exported file).

    I can see how it would be desirable to have the option to change the algorithm used and to have a default setting for this. When you say the ability to choose 'which to use per job' do you mean just overriding any such default setting? Also I am not really sure what you mean when you say 'how many are desired for use'? I gather from your comment that you are looking for these hashes to be in a separate file or files from the xena files. Is this the case?

  • Steve Hille

    Steve Hille - 2012-09-19

    I was thinking about like an output file, for example a text file, where you could choose the output of say MD5, and SHA1 and at the end of the scanning job, it would create a list of the files scanned, or even just of the one big file if it was one big scan and give you the option to output one or more hash values to a file. I did make this suggestion before I knew about checksum checker though, so it may be superflous. Thanks for your time Terry.

  • margotc

    margotc - 2012-09-19
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Terry O'Neill

    Terry O'Neill - 2012-09-20

    Hello again Steve,

    Please note that Checksum Checker is designed to work with the Digital Preservation Recorder (DPR). It uses checksums that DPR records in its database to compare with Xena files rather than the checksums internal to those files. It does not create this database or record the initial checksums (it expects this already to be present from DPR).


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