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  • Evelyn McLellan

    Evelyn McLellan - 2006-07-11


    According to Sourceforge, with Xena "Entire websites can be automatically downloaded and individual documents converted into appropriate formats with no manual intervention using Xena’s batch processing module." I have tried to normalise small websites with Xena. Xena had no problem normalising the various file types, but since all the file names and extensions were changed as part of the normalisation process, none of the links worked. Is there something that Xena can do that prevents this from happening? If not, how can Xena be used as a preservation method for websites? Thanks.

    • Michael Carden

      Michael Carden - 2006-07-11

      Hello Evelyn.

      Thank you for drawing my attention to some outdated documentation on sourceforge.

      The reference to web sites in that document was applicable to an older version of Xena, in which some web site linking functions were implemented but were not reliable. The Xena 3.0 Lite release does not implement web site normalising.

      We may look at working on web sites again in the future, but they are not currently a high priority.

      Of course we will welcome any code contributions that would assist in developing a robust web sites normaliser.

      Michael Carden


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