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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Welcome to Help

    • Simon Davis

      Simon Davis - 2004-04-08

      Hello everyone.
      We hope you find Xena to be a useful tool in your digital preservation work.
      Please note that although we are making Xena available from sourceforge.net, at the moment we do not guarantee any support for difficulties you may have with Xena.
      Any support we may offer will, at the moment, be through this web-based Help Forum on sourceforge.net.
      So please feel free to use Xena. If you have a difficulty please post to this forum. We may be able to help.
      If you have a feature request, please submit it via sourceforge.net's Request For Enhancement service.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      would you please give me a demo for how to use this tool?

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2004-07-14

        Thank you for showing interest in Xena, however we are unable to offer a demonstration of it. Xena has been developed to meet an internal need, so it is provided 'as is' with no technical support. We have made it available on Sourceforge because we recognise that it will be of use to other archivists and those interested in digital preservation.
        If you want to know more about Xena I suggest you start by reading the Xena homepage at xena.sourceforge.net and then download build 0.41 from Sourceforge and explore it yourself. The help text is pretty comprehensive, if in places slightly out of date, so it should be pretty easy to explore Xena's capabilities.
        You will need Java 1.4.2 to run Xena and it requires OpenOffice.org 1.1 or later to convert Office documents.
        We intend to release build 1.0 on Sourceforge in the next few months, so it may be worth checking back then to download a newer version.
        If you would like to get involved in the project we would be very happy to receive any comments, bug reports, or enhancement suggestions you may have about Xena.

        • Chris Bitmead

          Chris Bitmead - 2004-07-14

          Note. There is a special bug patch required for java 1.4 .2 if you decide to try and run it and you get an error.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I was wondering where can I get thaht patch for java 1.4.2 because I am getting an error when I try to run xena. It cannot run plugins. Thank you in advance.

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2005-07-01

        the Xena Java Patch for java 1.4.2 is now available with the other downloads.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      How do u open Xena file?Winzip is no help.

      • Michael Carden

        Michael Carden - 2005-08-11

        > How do u open Xena file?Winzip is no help

        Are you referring to the xena installation file or to the XML files created by the Xena application?


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