I'm trying to load a xen0 linux using PXE boot (pxelinux).
For this I'm trying to use mbootpack to pack xen and the xen0 images together.
My problem is that mbootpack exits w/ error and the output file is 4096 bytes in size.
My cmdline is:
mbootpack -o bzImage -m ./vmlinuz-2.6.11-xen0 ./xen-syms
And the output of mbootpack is:
Loading ./xen-syms using ELF header.
Placed kernel section (0xfc500000+0x83428)
Loaded kernel from ./xen-syms
Placed MBI and strings (0x9c68+0x398)
Placed section (0xfc584000+0x1eb710), align=0x1000
Loaded module from ./vmlinuz-2.6.11-xen0
Kernel entry is 0xfc500000, MBI is 0x9c68.
Wrote bzImage header: 512 + 2380 bytes.
Wrote 1 low-memory sections.
Fatal: error seeking in output file: Invalid argument
could anyone please assist?