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Xemeiah : Release 0.5.4

Now www.xemeiah.org serves as a live demonstration of Xemeiah.
Only a bunch of docbook documents yet, but more to come.

New stuff for 0.5.4 :
* Re-implemented QueryDocument::parseQuery() HTTP/1.1 parsing
* Re-organized xem-web:browse and xem-web:header structure
* Introduce Xemeiah's website hosting (Xemeiah now powers http://www.xemeiah.org\)
* Security features : introduce xem-user namespace for security settings, introducing <xem-user:set-user/>
* Reshape <xem:open-document/> and <xem:set-current-code-scope/> instructions.
And from branch :
* Introduce xem-imagemagick ImageMagick frontend
* Enhance JOSN capabilities in MooFlow, to append extra images after initial loading
* Miscelaneous bugfixes

Posted by Francois Barre 2010-02-06

Xemeiah : Release 0.5.3

Yet another sunday release :
- Packaging work : add xemeiah-webserver and xemeiah-media-player meta-packages
- Reorganize Xemeiah Media Player interface : put player in page header, cleanup used CSS, debug misc stuff.
- Integrate MooFlow in WebServer
- Better non-UTF8 erroneous input handling
- Implement daemon() and syslog targets for Persistence actions

Use debian repository http://xemeiah.sourceforge.net/debian for packages.... read more

Posted by Francois Barre 2010-01-24

Xemeiah : Release 0.5.2

Yet another sunday release :
- Implement xsltproc-style command-line arguments : --output, --noout, --nowrite, --nomkdir, --dumpextensions
- Reimplement xsl:exclude-result-prefixes and xsl:extension-element-prefixes for performance enhancements.

Use debian repository http://xemeiah.sourceforge.net/debian for packages.

Posted by Francois Barre 2010-01-17

Debian &amp; Ubuntu repository available !

A Debian / Ubuntu repository is available here :


See http://xemeiah.sourceforge.net/index.html for further details on which package to install.

Posted by Francois Barre 2010-01-16

Xemeiah : Release 0.5.1

Release 0.5.1 fixes Docbook regressions (now docbook generation is ok for html and fo).
Improved performance (from 15% to 45% faster than xsltproc on docbook testcases).

Posted by Francois Barre 2010-01-13

Xemeiah : Release 0.5.0

Release 0.5.0 includes a load of internal API changes and an improved modular design.
Performance was also improved, with a faster parser and better XML serializers.
OASIS conformance was also improved : now only 47 tests fails of the 1662 tests for Xalan-part conformance tests (97% conformance).
New plugins have been introduced :
- xemfs-fuse, a FUSE-based library to browse Xemeiah's database as a filesystem mountpoint
- xem-valhalla, a library based on GeexBox libvalhalla and libplayer enabling Media scanning and playing within Xemeiah's Web Browser.
Starting from 0.5.0, debian package 'xemeiah-xsl' provides a standalone xsl-only packaging of Xemeiah, whereas 'xemeiah' only includes command-line bootstrapping tool.

Posted by Francois Barre 2010-01-11

Xemeiah : Release 0.4.14

Xemeiah release 0.4.14 now is able to process docbook-xsl, faster than xsltproc.

ChangeLog summary :
* More Oasis conformance tests
Correct parsing of DOCTYPE and ENTITY
Better way to parse UTF-8 entries using the ByteStreamReader class
More output bugs fixups, including DOCTYPE generation and late HTML requalify
First implementation of xsl:attribute-set (does not handle conflicts yet)

Posted by Francois Barre 2009-06-11

Xemeiah : Release 0.4.12

This release corrects small bugs in XSL output and re-packages Xemeiah extensions in a better way.
Download xemeiah package for XSLT processing.

Posted by Francois Barre 2009-06-07

Xemeiah : Release 0.4.11

Xemeiah version 0.4.11 Released !

This is the first public Xemeiah Release '0.4.11', and is focused on the XSLT processor part of Xemeiah. This version passes more than 94% of the Oasis XSLT conformance tests.

Posted by Francois Barre 2009-06-06

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