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XEmacs Website CVS Repository on SunSITE.dk - Aug 20, 2001


I can hear you say: "Fine, but what does this mean to me?"

You will continue to enjoy three master websites, updating within
minutes from developers committing changes to our new website
repository at SunSITE.dk.

These websites are:

http://www.dk.xemacs.org (hosted by SunSITE.dk)
http://www.us.xemacs.org (hosted by sourceforge.net)
http://www.xemacs.org (hosted by tux.org)... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2001-08-21

Closing CVS repository for development, website experiments

Hi All!

In order to do some undisclosed testing I will disable commits to

The website
may be out of sync with
for some days.

Please us the latter two for authoritative and up-to-date information
about the XEmacs projects.

More later ...

Adrian Aichner

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2001-08-14

xemacsweb r2-00 has been released

Please refer to the Release Notes for details.

They may be found at

Refer to
for information about the purpose of this module.

Best regards,

Adrian Aichner

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2001-06-14

http://xemacs.sourceforge.net Update from CVS is Restored!


is automatically being updated from commits to the xemacsweb module at
Sourceforge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/xemacs/) again.

Let's all thank Martin Buchholz for making this work again after the
software and hardware upgrades at SourceForge in Decemeber 2000.

This makes the contents at
master websites for the XEmacs project.... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2001-04-01

Use http://www.xemacs.org/ for time being

Ever since the SourceForge move onto new hardware,
does not get updated automatically via commits to the
xemacsweb CVS module.

This is where redundancy pays off:

I managed to get http://www.xemacs.org/ updating automatically again
as of 2000-12-19,
but failed at doing the same for http://xemacs.sourceforge.net/.

Please use the former until further notice.

Seasonal greetings,... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2000-12-20

http://www.xemacs.org is updated from SF repository

At long last the original XEmacs Website at http://www.xemacs.org/ is
automatically updated by commits to the xemacsweb module at

This provides us with two equally up-to-date websites for the XEmacs

I would like to encourage all contributors to the XEmacs project to
submit documentation and fixes for the website via the usual XEmacs
Patches mailing list (XEmacs Patches <xemacs-patches@xemacs.org>).... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2000-11-26

First file release of xemacsweb


xemacsweb contains all sources for what you see when you visit
which is the XEmacs website hosted by SourceForge.

The purpose of this release is the learn how one is done.

Secondly, people without CVS access may download this file release and
submit patches generated as follows:

diff -u -r xemacsweb-1.00 xemacsweb-1.00-mywork

xemacsweb-1.00 is an unmodified copy of the file release tree,
xemacsweb-1.00-mywork is a copy of the former with local
modifications.... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2000-10-29

Please test http://xemacs.sourceforge.net/

Hello All,

I have completed and documented the initial implementation of the new
XEmacs Homepage
on sourceforge, http://xemacs.sourceforge.net/.

The website documentation can be found at

Martin and I would like to switch the official XEmacs Website over to
sourceforge ASAP by making http://xemacs.sourceforge.net/ answer
requests for http://www.xemacs.org as well.... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2000-08-21

Status of http://sourceforge.net/projects/xemacs/

Hello All!

This is intended to be a bootstrapper for anybody interested in
getting started on the sourceforge half of XEmacs development.

Q: Has XEmacs development moved to sourceforge?
A: No. Currently there is only one CVS module on sourceforge, namely
xemacsweb. This is the content of
xemacweb@www.xemacs.org:~/genpage which prduces most of the static
content of xemacweb@www.xemacs.org:~/docs. Mailing list and their
archives, for one, have not been moved to sourceforge.... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2000-07-31

Bringup of XEmacs Project Homepage

The adventurous may already want to watch http://xemacs.sourceforge.net/ while it being brought up.

This is a copy of http://www.xemacs.org, with some improvements.

http://xemacs.sourceforge.net/ will be reached via URL http://www.xemacs.org once it's fully operational.

Some links still need to be fixed and mailing list archives are non-functional.

One new feature is that all documents are verified against
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"
"http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/loose.dtd">... read more

Posted by Adrian P. Aichner 2000-07-27

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