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The Desktop 0.1

Now, finally, the release of "The Desktop" version 0.1
Yes, many thing has to be worked on...

Posted by David Fredin 2002-05-27

SCL and more

Well, I haven't worked on SCL for a while now... Though I will do it, as soon as I've got icons to work properly in SEAL... not bad_iconbox icons but the (by me, with help from Callum) ported icons from StarSeal (by Callum)... Though there are drawing issues, the icons flickers when I move them, and they get invicible when I let go of them :-) Got to solve that first :-)

Posted by David Fredin 2002-05-17

SCL - Seal Class Library

I have started to work on a C++ wrapping lib. for Seal 2.0. I hope to be able to release something within the month... something that works at all :-)

Posted by David Fredin 2002-04-14

First release!

After some struggling with a dumb ftp-program (windows stuff) I finally uploaded some code, though it's over a year old, but that is the newest working stuff I have...

I'm doing heavy work right now on messaging stuff... letting the mouse generate events and so on... quite fun... I hope to have somewhat of a release in the nearest weeks, a release that is worth it's name... :-)

Posted by David Fredin 2002-04-10


Project homepage is now up. Now I just have to do some coding... :-)

Posted by David Fredin 2002-04-06