I am using XDoclet 1.2.3 along with Weblogic 10.3.3 with EJB3 and want to migrate it to JBoss 5.
JBoss equivalent element for  tag "@weblogic.cache max-beans-in-cache" in deployment descriptor is as follow:
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I am migrating our application from Weblogic to JBoss. I would like to know
the XDoclet tag for finding maximum beans in the cache i.e. equivalent tag
for "@weblogic.cache max-beans-in-cache" in xDoclet for JBoss.

Sorry, I don't know JBoss particularly well.  What's the equivalent element in JBoss' own deployment descriptor?  Always assuming, of course, that there is one...

I would also like to know the equivalent xDoclet tag for Jboss for following
weblogic tag:
type-identifier="WebLogic_CMP_RDBMS" type-version="6.0"

Again, what element(s) in JBoss' configuration file do you need?  If I know what you're trying to generate and in which file, I can tell you what tag (if any) is used at that point in the relevant template.

Also, what version of XDoclet are you using?