as Justin says, you shall try to upgrade to xdoclet 2 - hey we are also planing lazy last release ther.
I affraid all the skills and will to hack XD1 are gone.

----[ Konstantin Pribluda ]---------------- JTec quality components:

From: Subin Modeel <>
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2012 10:51 PM
Subject: [Xdoclet-user] list within a list


I have the following tags
 * @class.annotation type="xc"
 *                   attr= "aaaa,bbbb,cccc"
 *                   attr= "xxxx,yyyy,zzzz"

I wish to generate
                <annotation type="xc">
                    <annotationAttr name="aaaa" value="bbbb" type="ccccc"></annotationAttr>
                    <annotationAttr name="xxxx" value="yyyy" type="zzzzz"></annotationAttr>

Can some one please give me some idea about how i can do this in the .xdt file .
I have looked at XDtClass:forAllClassTagTokens but i couldnt get ahead.


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