Hi Konstantin,

no problem with the delay, I was just hoping you'd say "hey you can do that easily" :)

I have no hope with the new plugin release as you previously said it's only about JSF2 functionality which I don't need. My problem lies rather with the the lack of possibility to extend functionality in the generama plugin mechanism. That generama project doesn't look much lively either, if you ask me :)

Right now I created a working VO plugin by patching together code from FileWriterMapper, Plugin, JavaGeneratingPlugin and QDoxPlugin. Not perfect yet but it could do my job with a day of more tinkering. It's however a really dirty solution/workaround to the above lack of extensibility, so I don't even think of showing it to you :) And I'm also not sure if I will keep it or throw it away altogether - I don't like such dirty hacks in my project...

Thank you very much,

From: Konstantin Priblouda <kpriblouda@yahoo.com>
To: Justin Case <send_lotsa_spam_here@yahoo.com>; End-user support for the XDoclet code generator <xdoclet-user@lists.sourceforge.net>
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: [Xdoclet-user] generating multiple files

Hi Justin,

You are not forgotten -  it's just me havong too much to hack around and XDoclet is not on the high priority list.
Current engine does not support generation of multiple files from same java sources,  but you can have more than one
plugin instance in same run giving you similar functionality. 

There is also planned release for plugins,  once I have resolved problems with certificates on codehais webdav
( my maven does not trist them  and refuses to upload there )