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Beta R2 Released Feb 2011

The expectations of this release are much higher as to installing without need of any (what used to be) typical linux server setup hacking, and also as to being highly maintainable / less breakable (best of any is the goal for that).

Note the old version 1.5 had not yet been tested and was halted unexpectedly outside of my control. Sorry if some material was in-apropo - it was meant to be tested then updated, but that was simply halted. It did take a while to get back to it ! :) Getting back I saw the re-release about same thing but for 0 learning curve use.... read more

Posted by John D. Hendrickson 2011-02-28

xdm-options R1 beta released


Is a configuration of the X Display Manager and is very feature competitive but opposite in design philosophy to GDM or KDM.

xdm-options needs testers, users, and feedback!

Posted by John D. Hendrickson 2005-05-21

newly arriving, packaging unfinished

xdm-options project status

Is newly arriving and still being installed on sourceforge.

Please note the packaging still being written and the installation script, check_xdm, is thus in a state of flux.

check_xdm will be for installation (from packaging system) and for finding and fixing problems that occur after installation automatically (like lpd's check_pc except it can also fix most any problem that directly effect xdm's operation).... read more

Posted by John D. Hendrickson 2005-05-15