"my linux video freezes and I can't change consoles".  this is not an xdm or xdm-options issue at all.


video blank, keyboard (even LEDs) does not repsond


$ vbetool videomode set 3


1) telnet in and do it. goodness, configure that first ok ? ;)

2) blind type it, yes it should work…

a) swtich to tty1 (console 1) with "Ctrl-Alt-F1" (no, you

won't have any indication it worked, blind)

b) blind login if your not logged in on tty1

c) blind enter the vbe line (above)

d) yes it works, and other's have done it too :)


Happens on various linux kernel / video / distribution configuration combinations. (can be all 3 together). It has nothing to do with xdm-options. One PC I use has "a flaky legacy pci video card" and does this. vbetool(1) fixes it.

Some cards don't like the way some kernels use video modes. when going from text console to X graphic console it's an issue. one because sometimes text console is actual a graphic mode (kernel setting, extra fonts). but also mode switching is problematic for some video cards and or drivers. and still there is save or restore video state needed to switch screens and that's at times a problem.

While I don't suggest linux replace Apple's OS on MAC, if one has done it … XDM-OPTIONS does use 'screenrestore(1)' after every X hard reset if the MAC has /usr/bin/screenrestore (in which case it needs it).

In linux you may want to stick a vbetool line in xdmo_init_proc before and or after X resets. And you might even wish to adjust /etc/inittab to make a vbetool script containing the above a "Hot Key".ot K1