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xdelta 3.0e

This is release 3.0e. It looks quite nice.

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2006-05-13

News! Xdelta 3 first public release

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2004-07-22

Xdelta3 - VCDIFF encoding - 64-bit support is all ready

The best part is the zlib-style "non-invasive" library interface.

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2003-04-05

VCDIFF encoding: coming soon

A completely new version of libxdelta is on the way soon, based on the proposed-RFC VCDIFF encoding. The new version has a Zlib-style interface with no dependence on any particular I/O layer. Its very cool!

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2002-04-11

Xdelta 1.1.2 is released

... but the SourceForge upload mechanism is still broken.

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2001-06-29

FAQ: Is progress being made on Xdelta?

YES. See, there are recent CVS checkins to prove it. I expect to make a final 2.0 release of Xdelta in the next couple of months.

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2001-04-19

Delta-encoding HTTP proxy shaping-up

A complete rewrite of XDFS is nearly complete, and a new version of xProxy based upon it should be released soon. The code is in CVS.

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2000-12-08

User-level NFS server for XDFS

There is a new code module in CVS named 'xdfssrv', which implements a user-level NFSv3 server using the Secure File System's (SFS) framework. It is about half-way complete. You can learn more about SFS at http://www.fs.net

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2000-11-07

New Xdelta release

Announcing the BETA release of Xdelta version 2. This release builds
on earlier functionality to provide a complete system for managing
delta-compressed storage and network transport. Using the Xdelta
system, you can easily incorporate this functionality into your
application. The system offers improvements over the use of RCS for
back-end delta-compressed storage, common in version control systems,
and also provides primitive support for delta-compressed transport in
a manner similar to CVSup. This release is accompanied by a technical
report describing the system and comparing it with RCS and GNU diff.

Posted by Joshua P. MacDonald 2000-06-15