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XDCC-Fetch 1.409 released

The XDCC-Fetch team is proud to announce the release of XDCC-Fetch 1.409. This release fixes several severe bugs reported by our users, and incorporates a bunch of new features like an improved pack search engine and a polish translation.

Posted by XDCC-Fetch Team 2005-02-13

XDCC-Fetch 1.386 released

The XDCC-Fetch team is proud to announce the release of XDCC-Fetch 1.386. Besides major bugfixes, a more scalable pack search/sort engine and improved file resume verification found their way into 1.386. A rubygem has also been added to rubyforge, which can be installed by issuing "gem install xdcc-fetch"

Posted by XDCC-Fetch Team 2005-01-30

XDCC-Fetch 1.338 released

The XDCC-Fetch team has just released XDCC-Fetch 1.338. XDCC-Fetch now supports storing servers and channels, which will be reconnected on startup. Additionally, a little popup window is shown (just like in FireFox) when a download completes. Furthermore, the entire network code has been revised and now supports a more advanced file-resume protection.

Posted by XDCC-Fetch Team 2005-01-22

XDCC-Fetch 1.307 released

The XDCC-Fetch team is proud to announce that XDCC-Fetch 1.307 is now available. XDCC-Fetch 1.307 fixes several severe bugs and adds a bunch features, like the improved search-on-typing and an revised XDCC parser. We have also taken necessary steps in order to integrate multi language support and active bot querying.

Posted by XDCC-Fetch Team 2005-01-19

XDCC-Fetch nightly builds

As of yesterday we provide nightly updates of XDCC-Fetch. Since XDCC-Fetch is a rather small application, we decided to upload the nightly builds directly to our homepage:


A changelog has also been added in order to reflect recent changes:


We ask all users to update to the latest nightly, since several bugs have been fixed.... read more

Posted by XDCC-Fetch Team 2005-01-17

XDCC-Fetch 1.239 released

Today, the first official release (1.239) has found its way to the sourceforge repository. We have also uploaded a homepage to http://xdccfetch.sourceforge.net

Posted by XDCC-Fetch Team 2005-01-10

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