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Been absolutely loving the new versions of XCSoar on Altair guys thanks very much for the hard work. Here are a few requests/ suggestions. If people are happy with them I'll put in feature request.

The shutdown sequence seems rather drawn out. Currently you push/hold the esc button then a dialog box asks to shutdown. You press enter and then a dialog box asks if you want to restart. You turn the large knob to no (it's default setting is yes) and push enter. Then a box asks to shutdown again. You push enter and finally it shuts down.

My suggestion is when you push/hold the esc button a dialog box has a shutdown and restart button to select with the DEFAULT selected button being shutdown. That way to shutdown you simply push/hold the esc button and then press enter (rotary knob) to confirm. To restart you turn the large knob to select the reward button and push enter.

I think you will find that there is already a bug on this, and it is waiting for Triadis to provide us with the API to shut down. Ie. it is not in XCSoar control, but rather part of the firmware. Check out the bug system to see any open bugs:


Altair specific:

e.g. this bug is #1143 - http://www.xcsoar.org/trac/ticket/1143

On older versions you could press esc and NAV which would make the info boxes go fullscreen. Is this function still available in new versions? If not can it be put back in? The owner of the glider I fly has major vision problems and this feature seriously helped him to see the info boxes which is now a problem for him.

Raise a ticket, but my guess is that it is not likely to make it into the 6 series. However there is a complete redesign of the interface happening for future version. It could be considered for that.

Selected buttons on the screen have a dotted line around them when selected. Older versions had a much more noticeable dotted line that was easier to see.

This bug has been fixed but not in the production version yet. The new version has a highlighted (purple I think) button, so really obvious).

Like I mentioned earlier, thanks for the hard work. stepping from version 5.1.8 has been a big leap but it works fantastic.

Thanks Chad.

Don't forget to raise those tickets.


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