Hi Luke,

this is actually a bug I noticed too in the current MinGW version. I can't remember the details how to fix it right now, but if you pay us a visit on our IRC channel tomorrow we can investigate this further.


Am 04.02.2011 01:45, schrieb Luke O'Donnell:
Hi All,

I'm new to eclipse, MinGW, GIT etc (used to standalone visual studio .net projects), and i'm sure i've just not correctly configured something, so apologies in advance.

Environment is:

> Windows 7
> Eclipse IDE
> Make 3.81
> Latest MinGW

I grabbed the contents of Max's GIT repository and imported it as a project in eclipse and changed environmental variables to include Make.exe directory and MinGW\Bin. When i try and build in eclipse, I dont think any binaries are produced and i get the following:

**** Build of configuration Windows for project XCSoar ****

make -j4 everything WINHOST=y TARGET=PC GREEN_MENU=n
  CXX     output/PC/./src/Airspace/AirspaceGlue.o
[*** Snip - removed a hundred lines or so of what looks like error free output***]
 CXX     output/PC/./test/src/RunTextWriter.o
  CXX     output/PC/./test/src/RunXMLParser.o
  CXX     output/PC/./test/src/ReadMO.o
In file included from test/src/ReadMO.cpp:30:0:
c:\mingw\bin\../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.5.2/include-fixed/syslimits.h:7:25: error: no include path in which to search for limits.h
  CXX     output/PC/./test/src/FakeLogFile.o
  CXX     output/PC/./test/src/ReadProfileString.o
test/src/ReadMO.cpp: In function 'int main(int, char**)':
test/src/ReadMO.cpp:40:14: error: 'PATH_MAX' was not declared in this scope
test/src/ReadMO.cpp:41:62: error: 'path' was not declared in this scope
make: *** [output/PC/./test/src/ReadMO.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
rm output/PC/./src/Screen/Chart/../dirstamp output/PC/./src/Device/Volkslogger/dbbconv/../dirstamp
[*** Snip, removed 20-30 lines like the above one ***]

Checking the .\XCSoar\Output directory, it does not contain any binaries. Anyone know where i've gone wrong? I'm interested in poking around for my own education, i doubt with my lack of C experience i'll be able to contribute anything meaningful at this stage, but poking around on a local copy seems like a good way to learn.


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