Maybe I still need to convince, since #1974 is still not assigned although 6.4 is already in alpha test, and at least one developer insists that it is "simply a wrong calculation and we
won't have wrong calcultions on purpose in XCSoar". Apparently Cambridge did not think it was a wrong calculation. I Just came across an article in Soaring Magazine describing a fatal accident which happened over 10 years ago and was at least partially attributed to the flight computer failing to detect wind direction change during a long final glide (See article about judgment in April issue) . This is why we need instantaneous HW/TW, to help prevent such accidents. 
I would love to implement it myself, but my coding skills are rusted. Instead, I'll be happy to help with suggestions how to implement this and with testing.
As for my other requests:
1 - #1561 - I understand it is not trivial and some prefer it the way it is. All I can suggest is to make it configurable and perhaps looking at the way LK8000 implemented this. 
2 - #1603 - Bernie already suggested a straight forward way to implement it without making the UI more complicated. I don't see a reason why not implementing such a useful feature. 80% of my interaction with XCSoar is zooming in and out, since the auto zoom feature, although a good idea, is not practical in my opinion when your soaring includes search mode, S turns in ridge lift or wave lift. I tried it early on and chose not to use this feature after couple of flights. 



From: Max Kellermann <>
To: Ramy Yanetz <>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 9:56 AM
Subject: Re: [Xcsoar-user] Enhancement requests

On 2012/05/09 18:50, Ramy Yanetz <> wrote:
> Here is an example when it is important to have instantaneous HW/TW,
> which is a common scenario where I fly:

Ramy, I don't think you need to convince anybody of the usefulness of
that infobox.  It will be implemented, the only thing delaying it is
developer time.

Since that one is fairly easy to implement, it would be a good task
for new developers to get started with the XCSoar code base.  Any