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Is this project half dead?

  • Mark Marques

    Mark Marques - 2006-07-02

    Is this project dead?
    Only recently had found this engine and I would like to help.
    To whom my I call ?

    • Matthew Skala

      Matthew Skala - 2006-07-02

      It's not dead, it's... resting.

      When there is developer discussion, it mostly occurs on the mailing lists rather than these Web fora; subscribing to the mailing lists would be a good idea.  As for how to help, I'd suggest you check out a copy of the sources from CVS, play with it a bit, then figure out what you want to do and do it.  I'm not sure there's a really clear plan of what needs to be done; bug fixes, certainly.  If you ask on the mailing list, other developers will probably comment with their favourite needed enhancements.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2006-07-02

      Matthew pretty much summed it up.

      But note, I actually have been semi-recently working on refactoring the code into more digestible pieces, completely Doxygenating it, libtoolizing it, and more fully autotoolizing it. What has been done so far is in the 'src' directory and 'doc/conq.dox' in CVS. I have other pieces, such as a new 'configure.ac' file, which have not yet been checked in. The project is somewhat ambitious, and my zeal for it has flagged recently. If I see some other folks contributing, I might get more interested again.

      To be honest, xConq actually has some very basic needs, such as improved logging and diagnostics that are consistent across platforms. Also, all of the bitmaps that are allocated in the Tk interface hog GDI resources on Win 9x platforms; it would be nice to find a way around that problem. But, just about any improvements are welcome....


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