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v0.9.7... oh, who cares?...

0.9.7 is out. Now the index is being sorted by the application, seeing how not all chm files provide an already sorted index.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-12-23

0.9.6 win32 binary uploaded

Thanks to Pabs, we have a win32 binary of xCHM 0.9.6 that I've just uploaded in the 0.9.6 file release section.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-11-26

Bugfix release v0.9.6

Just another bugfix release of this crappy software...
Fixed a pretty nasty TOC bug, now properly handling '&' in URLs, and added Latvian translation.
Enjoy, I guess... If you happen to like this sort of thing...

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-10-24

XMLRPC stuff added: v0.9.5 out

Eamon Millman <millman@pcigeomatics.com> has contributed XMLRPC++ code to enable xCHM to load a .chm page based on it's context ID when asked to do so externally. The code is only enabled if you feed the --enable-xmlrpc flag to configure.
Also, the search results have been restricted to no more than 512 items, making for faster (but less accurate) searches.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-09-21

0.9.4 win32 binary uploaded

There's an xCHM 0.9.4 binary for Windows under the xchm-0.9.4 release of the project. The binary has been compiled by Pabs with MinGW.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-09-06

Yet another release - v0.9.4

Fixed a small bug about parsing the contents. The villagers rejoice and all that stuff..

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-09-02

Just another version out - v.0.9.3

If you're using a lot of .chms with external 'ms-its' links you might want to get this release ASAP.

Enjoy. Or not. Whatever.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-07-20

xCHM 0.9.2 released

Translations for Polish and Bulgarian added.
Fixed a bug with the fonts dialog and a SunOS #SYSTEM reading bug (thanks to Markus Schwarzenberg).


Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-07-07

More translations - v0.9.1

xCHM 0.9.1 has been released.
This release fixes a small index bug and adds translations for Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian.


Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-04-05

I18n support - xCHM 0.9

With the release of wxWidgets 2.5.1, here comes xCHM v0.9.
I added i18n support, with Romanian and French translations, killed tiny UI bugs and made the wxWidgets 2.5.x compilation warnings go away by conditional compilation magic.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-02-24

xCHM v.0.8.11 - bugfix release

Bugfixes: #WINDOWS based book info deduction got better, fixed a bug that prevented the TOC from working right on some books; made the configure script sh friendly.
Additions: Applied Chanler White's Mac OS X mouse wheel scroll patch; added icons created by Steven Chan.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-01-23

More Mac OS X friendliness - xCHM v0.8.10

xCHM 0.8.10 is here with minor bugfixes and a patch contributed by Chanler White that allows building "a truly double-clickable Carbon application" for Mac.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2004-01-06

xCHM 0.8.9 released - upgrade recommended

Besides the usual fiddling around (configure looks up u_intXX_t on your system; FreeBSD port patch applied), I've made the .chm information detection truly reliable, so please upgrade or you might run into problems with some .chm one day (e.g., this release has been triggered by the problems that 0.8.8 had with the PHP manual chm).

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-12-06

Searchable index - v. 0.8.8

Release 0.8.8 brings a searchable index that you can use with the .chm files that have been built with the feature enabled.
Thanks go to Martin Use <mu@metalab.de> for testing the pre-release code on Mac OS X.


Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-11-07

File history - v. 0.8.7

I've added file history support, with a corresponding 'Recent files' menu in the 'File' menu. Also, xCHM will remember the size of the contents / search panel between sessions now.


Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-10-25

Minor bugfixes: v. 0.8.6

Corrected bugs that made xCHM refuse to load pages with /absolute/paths and ./explicitly/relative/to/the/current/directory paths.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-10-14

Non-latin charsets and Unicode - v. 0.8.5

Bugfix release: made xCHM properly handle weird charset languages (Russian, Chinese, etc.) properly when xCHM is being linked with the GTK2/Unicode version of wxWindows

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-10-07

Minor bugfix release - v. 0.8.4

Fixed a small bug that crashed xCHM when the user tried to open a .chm file that didn't exist on disk.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-10-02

Relative paths bugfix; native font encodings - v. 0.8.3

I fixed a nasty bug that prevented images with paths relative to the page that contained them from displaying.
Also, hopefully people can now read Russian or Chinese font-encoded chms.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-09-27

Bug fixes, beautfications - v. 0.8.2

0.8.2 is here. For those of you linking with wxWindows 2.5.x there's experimental 'Find in page' code, in addition to the usual bug fixes.
Also, this version is hopefully Mac OS X friendly.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-09-24

Index-based fast search - v. 0.8.1

Index-based search is now available, taking advantage of the $FIftiMain file in CHM documents. The old slow grep search has been thrown away, but 0.8 is still available since the 0.8.1 search is still a bit experimental.
Enjoy xCHM 0.8.1. Happy reading.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-09-13

Bookmarks support - v. 0.8

Added path-related bookmark support.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-09-04

Sqash'em bugs - 0.7.1

Fixed the global search and added a 'search in titles' checkbox to the search panel. Enjoy.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-08-30

Global search - v. 0.7

You can search your brains out now folks, searching in all the files of the CHM is now possible.
Eat fish sandwiches and enjoy.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-08-27

v. 0.6.3 - wxWindows 2.5 and big-endian friendliness.

xCHM 0.6.3 is wxWindows 2.5.x and big-endian friendly. Changed configure.in a bit. Thanks go to Vadim Zeitlin of wxWindows.org

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2003-08-16

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