window resize lag

  • Iulian Dragos

    Iulian Dragos - 2004-11-17

    For very large files, like the java doc api (around 40M) resizing the window takes a considerable amount of time. I uploaded a patch file in the Patches section of the website with my hack to solve this.

    Basically, I cached the list control width (used to display indexed terms), which computation seems to be quite expensive. Since the index changes only when a new file is opened, it makes sense to compute this value a single time. Before, the list was asked to compute it's 'desired' width at each window resize, which boiled down to the extent of its longest string. Apparently, GetTextExtent is not trivial :))

    • Razvan Cojocaru

      Razvan Cojocaru - 2004-11-18

      Thanks for your contribution. I applied the patch.


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