error while loading shared libraries

  • vagabond

    vagabond - 2005-03-05

    hi, i am a linux newbie. i got some problems when i installed xchm and need help.

    i downloaded  and compiled the source code of wxGTK-2.4.2, chmlib-0.35 and xchm-0.9.8 .  i runned configure script of wxGTK-2.4.2 with gtk2 option enabled as described in wxGTK's INSTALL.txt file:
    ./configure --with-gtk --enable-gtk2 --enable-unicode
    everything seemed fine when compiling. but when i runned xchm, it said the following:

    xchm: error while loading shared cannot open shared object; No such file or directory

    but is already in /usr/local/lib directory. why couldn't xchm load it? what's wrong?


    • Razvan Cojocaru

      Razvan Cojocaru - 2005-03-08

      Make sure you have /usr/local/lib in /etc/, then run ldconfig.
      This is like the 50th time I have to answer this question. With all due respect, I'm not tech support for general UNIX stuff and there won't be a 51st time I'll answer it.

    • Richard Project

      Richard Project - 2005-09-21

      And if you are getting a similar shared library error on solaris, which i was, you'll want to type the following command:

      >crle -u -l /path/lib

      Also, Razvan, if at all possible, it may be a good idea to link to this forum directly from xchm's main website(Maybe under FAQ?). To people not familiar with sourceforge, its not obvious that xchm has a user forum, thus, you may get a lot of emails asking the same questions.

    • Razvan Cojocaru

      Razvan Cojocaru - 2005-09-21

      That's a good idea Richard. I did that, there's now a 'Forum' section on the 'FAQ' page. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • tipheret

      tipheret - 2005-12-28

      I am a linux newbie and i became interested in xchm because it seem to be the only chm reader for linux.
      I had the same problem with the shared library and spent about 5 hours in solving it the hard way, what I did was to compile the wxGTK without being shared, it funtioned, it was on a debian system, well if i had viewed this forum before i have not go through all that, what I what to point out is this little error deserve to be in the faq or another related text by the way i compiled the 1.2 version and it is grate even i could say grater than the windows version, thanks and keep up the good work

    • Razvan Cojocaru

      Razvan Cojocaru - 2006-01-09

      Ok I added it to the FAQ page and linked here.

    • netProphET

      netProphET - 2007-04-24

      As a bit of a novice, I did manage to find this page ok, and it put me in the right direction to solve the same problem that the original poster had. But I want to point out that your specific direction:

      Make sure you have /usr/local/lib in /etc/, then run ldconfig.

      ... should actually read:

      Make sure you have /usr/local/lib in /etc/, then run ldconfig.

      .. at least on my machine.

      Thanks for this indispensable utility.


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