any chance mac will start dev again? 2 bugs

  • M S

    M S - 2008-03-10

    What are the chances that mac dev will start again?

    2 bugs with xchm 1.13 for mac 10.4.11.

    1) certain chm e-books do not open.  Well, they open, but it just a blank screen.  I usually have to resort to chmox to open them - but I cannot search with chmox... so I really wish, I could open these chm e-books with xchm.

    2) 2-finger scroll on macbook pro touch pad is really lagging.  When you use the scroll bar on the side it moves fine, but when you use the 2-finger scroll, it is really choppy.

    I hope so much that you start developing xchm for macs again.  Macs in general are in desparate need of a way to read CHM files and more importantly - SEARCH them.  both chmox and chamonix do not search any of my chm e-books. 

    • Razvan Cojocaru

      Razvan Cojocaru - 2008-03-16

      Hello, thanks for your message. I will start building Mac binaries again as soon as I get access to a Mac machine. I've been trying to raise money to buy a cheap MacMini for Mac work, but at this time I've had 0 donations.

      An alternative would probably be shell access to some Mac machine or the donation of an actual Mac machine, but again, I've had no offers for that either.

      So I don't know, it's really not up to me.


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