#16 Assorted suggestions (some duplicates of other requests)


(1) UTF-8 support is the main thing that keeps me
from using X-Chat Aqua as my only IRC client ... it
would be really, really nice.

(2) The userlist should be more customizable. I want
to be able to change the font, expand/shrink/hide it by
dragging, and so on. The mini-icons for ops etc.
should be customizable. The [<]/[>] (show/hide
userlist) button's symbol is not centered correctly; it
should be an image rather than text.

(3) The "maximize tab" button (not sure what it's
actually called) is kind of ugly and non-anti-aliased,
and it's in a strange place. When you click it, things
get too close to the edges of the window.

(4) There should be an option for the textfield to
expand vertically if you type more than is visible at

(5) The cursor should change when you mouseover a
link (or anything else which underlines). The
underlining seems slightly buggy; it doesn't always

(6) The default event texts should be a little prettier.

(7) In Preferences > Network > DCC Settings, "First
CDD send port:" has a ":", but "Last DCC send port"

(8) Long term: the interface for event text (etc.)
editing could probably be improved.

These are really minor improvements. So far I've found
X-Chat Aqua fast, stable, and useful. Good work --
keep it up.


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