#1 Just little things :D


* A preference setting to change the default font in the channel
window(i would like to be able to use 9pt monaco), the user list,
and the inputline
* A larger multi-lined window line(perhaps resizeable?)
* Ability to scroll up through history of typed messages with up
and down keys
* Optional full support for unix-style control characters(I know ^A
and ^E are in there, but i miss ^U)
* Optional support for tabbed nickname completion(like in BitchX)
* An option to create a new tab for /msg's on the first message
sent, rather than the first one recieved, ie as soon as you type "/
msg someone bla bla bla" it opens a new tab and places that msg
in there, rather than displaying it in the main channel in the format
">user< message"
* An (optional?) prompt when closing a channel, or any tab for that
* Notification of clicking on the [x] for tabs, ie if you click and hold,
it highlights blue and if you move the mouse away it goes back
* optional display of the channel topic
* removal of the channel list pane and associated options in /msg
tabs(as it just wastes space)
* option to make inputline always active, so that when you switch
to the tab for that channel, and start typing, the text automatically
goes in the inputline
* option to display the userlist as "nick!username@host" aswell as
just "nick" or "nick[tab]username@host"

I'm sorry for being so verbose, I know this is just a really really
early build and you've probably done half these things anyway. It's
very very very stable and fast, and the cpu/mem usage is great! I
love it!!! It is now my IRC client of choice! :D


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