Closing the project

  • Alvaro Munoz-Aycuens

    I've seen your concerns about closing the project, I think is great to have a native cocoa xchat, so ppl can avoid run the xserver to use original xchat, I suppose there is a lot of people out there who are using xchat trought X and would love to have a native cocoa one.
    Hope I can encourage you to continue with the work.


    • David Loken

      David Loken - 2003-10-22

      I for one am also very appreciative on your work with this, as are many of the denizens on Ars' #macintosh.

      I'm sure many hundreds, if not thousands of Mac IRC users feel the same way.

      So i'd like to say thanks for providing this for us.


                     David Loken

    • Drunk Pit Bull

      Drunk Pit Bull - 2003-11-22

      Yes, I agree, there are many people out there who appreciate your hard work on such a needed program.  Me being one of them.  XChat is a great program available on many platforms and helps standardize IRC.  Thank you for bringing that experience to Mac Os X cleanly.  We needed a good native IRC Client.

    • Emily

      Emily - 2004-01-31

      I would like to second all these posts.

      I have just discovered X Chat and I am thrilled by it!!

      Please continue to work on this project.

      Much love to all involved!! xoxxoxoxox  :)

    • Gary Elshaw

      Gary Elshaw - 2004-03-29

      I emailed Steve for a status update on the project the other day - although pace has slowed, x-chat aqua is fine and there may be a small update soon. I was much relieved too!

    • Jeremiah Bornemann

      This is a great resource to all, I wish to give you a great big handshake for your great work on this killer Application.


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