• henrik

    henrik - 2004-08-01

    I'm just asking... :-)

    How much work would it be to change the "close-button" design in xchataqua from the way it is now (one close-button for each tab) to the way it works in f.ex. Firefox (one close-button to the far right that closes the active tab).

    From time to time i accidently click the closebutton when changing channels.

    As mentioned, xchataqua is a "killer-application", the only proper GUI irc client for OS X. Really appreciated!

    • Magic89

      Magic89 - 2006-01-26

      You can select to hide the close tab button somewhere in the preferences...
      Anyway, I would like to request a feature so that you can make the window transparent, but still see the text.  Besides, what's the point in making the whole thing invisible?


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