OS X Intel - Plans?

  • Saint Stryfe

    Saint Stryfe - 2005-06-08

    Heya, I'm a long-time user and value your contributions! I am unfortunatly not talented as a programer, but as an End User, I am just wondering about the project's plans as relates to Intel. Is XChat Aqua done with xCode, so the port be simple? Are the main developers planning on doing this?

    I'm very excited for the future due to this shift to intel - and I hope you guys are moving forward very soon.

    • Steve Green

      Steve Green - 2005-06-08

      It's not as simple as you might think, but I will create a universal binary some time before you'll be able to buy an Intel Mac.

      • Saint Stryfe

        Saint Stryfe - 2005-06-08

        I'm sure it's not. To me, the fact that source code does anything is amazing. But thanks for that insanely quick responce and I'm glad to know there will be a UB. All my major programs have been committed to UB now.

        • Steve Harris

          Steve Harris - 2006-04-04

          I dont see an intel binary yet, I'm running hte PPC version, but the CPU load is pretty high (about 10% on each core).

          Great port BTW.

          • Steve Green

            Steve Green - 2006-05-08

            Sorry all.. time is tight.  The next release will be unibin.  I have it working and hope to get busy with more xchat work soon.

    • Fn Ord

      Fn Ord - 2006-05-08

      So, plans? Universal Binary? Eh? Nudge nudge, wink wink?

    • Sean

      Sean - 2006-07-09

      Just confirming that it can be built as universal. I got tired of waiting and did an intel build today (it would have been universal but I didn't feel like compiling all the depencies as universal too).

      I was satisfied with that, but then I discovered the "lipo" tool. Took the universal Growl framework, the intel binary I made, and the ppc binary that's been released (0.15.2) and combined the two into a ubin!

      I'll post it somewhere if anybody's interested.

      • numberR

        numberR - 2006-07-18

        that would be great if you can share universal binary one :)

      • p0windah

        p0windah - 2006-07-21

        I would also be interested in having a UB version.

        Please post a link, or mail me chow.man@gmail.com

      • Sean

        Sean - 2006-08-06

        Here's my universal build. I -think- plugins work, but if they don't I'm not sure how to fix that.


    • Xo Wang

      Xo Wang - 2006-09-02

      I built an Intel-only version, it's here:
      I lipo'd it (including the plugins) with the official version, and edited rubyenv to include the ruby dirs in the PPC OS X, and it seems to work well: http://geekshavefeelings.googlepages.com/X-Chat_Aqua.UniBin.0.15.2.dmg


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