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  • Welcome to Open Discussion

    • My aim in life was to learn cocoa and port XChat because there was nothing useful on OSX, but now there is! I'll gladly help once I can actually do something, and when I have some free time, but until then, know that you have made many ArsTechnica Mac users very happy :D

    • Canyon Russell
      Canyon Russell

      This has also made me very happy. I'm so glad that some one has taken up this. Now we have a real IRC client on the Mac.

    • David Loken
      David Loken

      As a new Mac user (bought a nice iBook as my first Apple.) and another person from Ars Technica, i'd like to thank you for your work so far.

      Up till now, all the GUI clients available for OS X (IMO) sucked.

      Although, might I make a slight suggestion?

      The way server tabs are handled is a bit of a pain if you connect to multiple IRC networks and channels, in that I connect to several channels of the same name on a few different nets which makes it confusing at times.

      Would it be possible to make an option for it to sort tabs like mIRC does (Partitions server tabs off, then new channels that you join stay next to that server tab.)?


                Dave Loken 

      • Steve Green
        Steve Green

        Tabs are an open issue right now.  I am using the standard Cocoa tab view and it's not really doing a great job.  It's looking more and more like I need to write my own.

    • David Loken
      David Loken

      Any updates?

    • the tabs are okay, I wish the trans would only affect the winowsliek the chan window and userlist like in x11 xchat, but it's likely a cocoa limit rather then a bug, just thought I'd express it some place :),  I love xchat aqua and it's progress since the first release is grea, I've been following since the beginning and now it's almost my fulltime irc client, but since I'm a see key holder I miss having perl support :)