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irc:// association

  • ylon

    ylon - 2005-09-08

    Could you please add irc:// association to XChat Aqua?  It would be super to click on irc links and have this open up rather than Colloquy (or it would be good to be able to switch back and forth for test I suppose).

    • Steve Green

      Steve Green - 2005-09-08

      Use this to set X-Chat Aqua as the irc handler.

    • snarfer

      snarfer - 2006-03-09
      RCDefaultApp is better, IMO.

    • Caithness

      Caithness - 2006-07-10

      More Internet and RCDefaultApp are both great programs.  Unfortunately, neither of them is able to make X-Chat Aqua the default application for irc:// URLs.  At least not in Tiger.

      • Steve Green

        Steve Green - 2006-07-10

        Thanks for the bug report.  I just tried it and you're right, it's broken.  I think I've just fixed it and if you email me directly (it's in the readme), I'll send you a test version to try.


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