xchataqua and psyBNC (2.3.1) issues

  • saintjoe

    saintjoe - 2006-01-18

    Hey everyone,

    I'm experiencing problems with xchataqua 0.15 (and earlier) using a psyBNC-Bouncer.
    Connecting to the Bouncer works fine, but as soon as I quit xchat, the Bouncer leaves the channels I was in. That never ever happened when I was using xchat under FreeBSD. Doesn't happen always, yet quite often.
    Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


    • Anonymous - 2006-01-18
    • sept ember

      sept ember - 2008-09-14

      I am an eXCHAT newbie, im having troubles logging in psyBNC..dont know how pls helP!

    • Christian Boenning


      here you go with an unofficial build of X-Chat Aqua 0.17 (currently rev. 27) http://verloren-im.net/stuff/X-Chat_Aqua_0.17r27_10.5_i386.dmg which should be suitable for any current Intel Mac (I hope). Should be working at least by putting all files from the archive into one folder (e.g. ~/X-Chat Aqua).

      The current Release at Files-Section is a bit outdated I'm afraid.



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