#13 non-standard server port


How can I connect to a server using a non-standard port?

I tried doing:

irc.w3.org:6665 in the server list.

This works! if I go through a http proxy, and doesn't if I don't


  • Jennifer Scott

    Jennifer Scott - 2003-03-28

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    After you define a network, you can define a list of servers
    for that network. In the server list, you can set the port
    you want to use.

    For the network I use, I set two servers: irc.xxxxx.net 7000
    and irc.xxxxx.net 6667 (server name removed for privacy) and
    if X-chat can't connect to port 7000 it will fall back to 6667.

    Try defining the server for w3.org to use port 6665.

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  • C L

    C L - 2006-01-12

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    Please download the latest version of XCA and check if the bug you submitted is still
    present; if so, add a comment to this bug report. If there is no response within two
    weeks, the bug will automatically be marked as closed. This has been done to clear the
    database from old bugs which have probably been fixed, which will enable faster
    responses to new bugs.

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