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--|   X-Chat ChangeLog   |--------------------------------------------


 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Pablo del Campo).
 - Updated Amharic translation (Daniel Yacob).
 - Fixed possible blank userlist after another tab was detached.
 - Changed default keybinding for next/prev-tab to ctrl-pageup/down,
   as per standard.
 - Added IPAddress field to "DCC SEND Offer" text event.
 - Fixed perl IRC::print_with_channel 1.8.x incompatibility.
 - xtext: Fixed bugs in new scrolling code.
 - Use filesystem encoding for log filenames.
 - Focus the inputbox when left-clicking in xtext.
 - Fixed bug where text typed could be sent to the wrong window after
   a detach.
 - New default icon again, this one scales better (Dagmar d'Surreal).


 - Added Amharic translation (Daniel Yacob).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Pablo del Campo).
 - Updated Lithuanian translation (Rimas Kudelis).
 - Updated Latvian translation (Artis Trops).
 - Fixed serverlist entry box text corruption (xc197-fixservlist.diff)
 - Fixed the non-mmx tinted-tranparency code crashing.
 - Fixed interpretation of mIRC color 99 [653094].
 - Use Pango renderer by default, for better i18n.
 - Scroll 1/10 of a page with the mouse wheel (Soeren Sandmann).
 - Reimplemented -a, --no-auto argument.
 - Fixed a bug in entering text with GTK2 IMs [653751].
 - Final fix for filenames' encoding in DCC.
 - New unicode character chart window.
 - xtext: properly recalculate text widths after a font change.
 - Fixed perl IRC::dcc_list 1.8.x incompatibility (Charles Lopes).
 - xtext: Implemented scrolling instead of full redraws when not using
   a background image or transparency. This improves scrolling on
   machines that draw AA text very slowly.
 - Reimplemented 'Move front tab left/right' keybinding.
 - Provide default usermenu and buttons for translation.
 - New default icon (Dagmar d'Surreal).
 - Report the average KBs when a transfer is finished.
 - Attempt to create dcc-download dir when changed in the setup gui.
 - Apply character set conversions to DCC Chat aswell (Steve Green).
 - xtext: Fixed hilight-text in scrollback after new addition bug.
 - Channellist gui cleanup.
 - Renamed a few defines in xchat-plugin.h to avoid namespace
 - Fixed loading background image crash (from 1.9.7).
 - Fixed broken drawing of mIRC color 0.


 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Pablo del Campo).
 - Updated Dutch translation (Bart Coppens).
 - Added /GETSTR and /GETINT.
 - Misc. serverlist bug fixes (Shaun Guth).
 - Plugin changes/fixes:
   * Added xchat_get_info("network").
   * Added new function: xchat_hook_fd().
   * Fixed "DCC Chat Text" event (Daniel P. Stasinski).
   * Added "Open Context" print event.
   * Fixed implementation of EAT_ return codes.
   * Keep the leading ":" in server events passed to plugins.
   * Added hack to make plugins possible on win32.
   * Fixed /unload <plugin_file_name> crash.
 - Fixed changing tabs via keyboard.
 - Added a few keyboard accelerators to the menubar.
 - Fixed close-tab-0 crash.
 - Fixed userlist popup menu disappearing on button-release.
 - Fixed color paste.
 - Added a character set selector to the serverlist.
 - Send DCC filenames in system encoding (gets converted if a charset
   is chosen in the serverlist).
 - Fixed possible Search Text crash.
 - Removed --enable-japanese-conv configure option (isn't this
   superseded by the new charset selector?).
 - Use --enable-openssl by default.
 - Fixed your nick not changing in dialog windows.
 - xtext: deal better with invalid utf8.
 - Made it possible to do /server <networkname>.
 - win32: backported tint/transparency code from 1.8.10.


 - Updated Spanish translation (Pablo del Campo).
 - Added Estonian translation (Ilmar Kerm).
 - Made switching to dialog tabs faster:
   * Draw xtext only once when switching to a dialog tab.
   * Do not recalculate the tinted-transparency.
 - Fixed another text-off-the-bottom bug.
 - Fixed background color other than black not working.
 - Fixed dialog windows not being logged (Joanne Hunter).
 - Fixed topic entry box going blank bug.
 - Added Insert-color-code and encoding submenu in the bottom-right
 - Apply more settings without needing a restart:
   * Background image.
   * Time stamp text on/off.
   * Palette changes.
 - Implemented %n for log-filename-mask.
 - Reconfigured the menubar a bit.
 - Validate inbound utf8 text to avoid reading beyond buffer and
   fall back to iso-8859-1.
 - win32 compile fixes.
 - Don't convert commas to %2c in urls.
 - Auto open dialog when dcc chat offer connects (Steve Green).
 - Make setting "Open Utilities in: Windows" work.
 - Added a way to reorder networks in the serverlist window (still
   want to add DND later).


 - Fixed the PL_perl_destruct_level crash (Bernard Blackham).
 - Fixed the perl readdir crash.
 - Added tab scrolling buttons (Lloyd Williams).
 - Added DCC throttle and better CPS calculation (Richard Fuchs).
 - Added three configurable tab-highlight colors (Nehal Mistry and
   Joanne Hunter).
 - Added dynamic support for two levels above Op (red & purple icons).
 - Changed the op/voice icons, now more macosx like.
 - Serverlist progress:
   * Now remembers your last network selection.
   * Non-global User/real/nick are now implemented.
   * Added all 1.8.x default servers.
 - Added Clear Rawlog button.
 - Throttle and Lag meter settings implemented.
 - Fixed /lastlog.
 - xtext: Fixed exposure-before-print crash.
 - xtext: Fixed providing UTF8 selection data.
 - xtext: Fixed text scrolling past the bottom bug.
 - Added DCC-completed-dir setting, which can move completed DCC files
   to a different directory (Chris Morgan).
 - Update build environment to autoconf 2.53.
 - Cleanup various configure.in/Makefile.am scripts. Use libtool to
   build perl and python plugins (John).
 - Added support for numeric 005 options: CHARSET=UTF-8 and
 - Delinking/Relinking IRC windows re-implemented.
 - Dialog window buttons re-implemented.
 - Gnome2-ify the desktop file. Install to $(datadir)/applications.


 - Make DCC support up to 4GB files (previously 2GB).
 - Fixed possible crash when receiving a message from a channel that
   was already parted.
 - Fixed random /part reasons not working.
 - Fixed compile on RHL 8.0.
 - Fixed xchat-text connect crash.
 - Updated included intl/ to 0.10.38.
 - Update transparency when background image changes.
 - Fixed the progress-connecting-bar appearing in all tabs.
 - More IRC protocol abstractions; tcpsend2 (James D. Taylor).
 - New server list GUI almost complete.
 - Merged some small 1.8.11 fixes.
 - Reopen logfiles on SIGUSR1.
 - Added Tint RGB settings (foser).


 - Updated Spanish translation (Pablo Gonzalo del Campo).
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Added mIRC's passive dcc support, receiving only (Richard Fuchs).
 - Added InputBox settings to settings GUI.
 - Make DCC support up to 4GB files (previously 2GB). untested.
 - Fix checks for Xft.h in configure script.
 - Fix perl add_message_handler() xchat 1.8.x incompatability.
 - Fix default DCCRECV text event using bad $ variable and crashing.
 - Fix /query #foo, /join #foo crash.
 - Fix utf8-conversion-fail sending truncated text.
 - Use $datadir/locale for LOCALEDIR (Albert Chin-A-Young).
 - More work done on Serverlist 2, but not fully functional yet.
 - Pasting from one tab to another now works.


 - Fixed DCC Chat offer crash (1.9.1 bug only).
 - xtext: Xft tweaks. Included Pango backend for when Xft can't be
   used directly.
 - xtext: improved rendering selections (less unnecessary redrawing).
 - xtext: fixed marking multibyte utf8 chars.
 - Included brand new Python interface plugin (Gustavo Niemeyer).
 - Perl is now a plugin.
 - Plugin API: Changed xchat_unhook() return value and type.
 - Plugin API: Added "ignore" list.
 - Plugin gui window can now load/unload scripts aswell.
 - Plugins are now autoloaded from $libdir/xchat/plugins. 
 - Double-click userlist works again.
 - Strip spaces from join-channel in serverlist (Mathias Hasselmann).
 - The menu in the bottom right corner now works.


 - Fixed serverlist and rawlog crashes.
 - Fixed some 64-bit issues (Elliot Lee).
 - Fixed unrealized xtext crashes and warnings (Elliot Lee).
 - Removed --disable-glib configure option.
 - Added Save rawlog button.
 - Auto detect socklen_t.
 - All new plugin interface. See plugins/plugin20.html.
 - Made perl.c use the new plugin interface.
 - Made the whole system use the cmdchar setting. This means all
   usercommands, popup commands etc mustn't start with a "/" char.
 - Removed the mail checker, it's now a plugin.
 - Cleaned up some text events code. Added/Changed/Removed some
   events too. TextEvents window now lists them alphabetically.
 - Convert inputbox from utf8 to locale before sending (xLoneStar).
 - Use ~/.xchat2/ for all configs (may change to ~/.xchat-2.0
   when stable).
 - Made DCC GUI display KB/s instead of cps.
 - Ignore code cleanups; ignore.conf no longer compatible.
 - Created the start of an IRC protocol abstraction layer.
 - Plugged JCode memory leak.
 - Ask before quiting when some DCCs still active.
 - Rewrote most of the maingui code. Now there's only one virtual
   tab that is re-filled with new information when switching tabs.
 - Added right-click tab menu.
 - Plugged potential /dns security hole.
 - Converted userlist to GtkTreeView.
 - Right-click userlist menu now works with a multi-selection.
 - Drag and drop to userlist no longer requires libgnome.
 - Included an ircII style /timer plugin.
 - Now accepts irc:// URLs on the command line.
 - Tabs are now ordered in server groups.
 - Make gettext use utf8 (teuf).
 - Whole new setup window.
 - Notify gui has an add dialog window.
 - Nickname on the bottom left is clickable.
 - Cleaned up /set variable names.
 - Made scrollwheel work with GTK+ 2.0 (Lloyd Williams).
 - xtext: Added XFT support.
 - xtext: Added UTF8 selection support.


 - Ported to GTK+ 2.0 (BIG!).


 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Russian translation (Anton Farygin).
 - Added Latvian translation (Artis Trops).
 - Made a work-around for a refresh glitch when delinking a tab under
   gnome (the topic bar was overlapped).
 - Fixed the need for signed chars (e.g. on PPC and s390).
 - Fixed background garbage being drawn when using hidden tabs.
 - Cleaned up alot of the nick completion code. Fixed some behaviour
   too (Mukund, dinkles, me).
 - Connect Cmd is executed again if you get auto-reconnected.
 - Added safe-gaurd to stop duplicate nicks in userlist.
 - Added an option to automatically remove finished/failed dccs
   from the list. Use /set dcc_remove ON to enable it.
 - Added an option to truncate long channel tabs. Use:
   /set truncchans xx, where xx is the max chars (Jyrki Muukkonen).
 - Made the default popup menu, dialog buttons, userlist buttons,
   usermenu and urlhandlers translatable (via gettext).
 - MMX tinting is now built on any x86 machine (it's checked at
   runtime anyway).
 - Added "Automatic Unmark Away" option in setup->away (Mads Martin).
 - Immediately abort file transfers when out of space.
 - Fixed a serious CTCP reply vulnerability.


 - Updated Danish translation (Morten Brix Pedersen).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Updated French translation (Olivier Berger).
 - The server "Connect cmd" is now executed before auto-join-channels,
   so you can use it to authenticate to nickserv etc.
 - Fixed autoresume again, for the last time... no, really.
 - Fixed sending parts for all channels instead of one quit when you
   exit the whole program (helps bncs).
 - Autocomplete in the middle of a sentence won't jump to the end of
   the textbox (Darell Tan).
 - Fixed the buggy 1.8.5 outbound queue. It now sends privmsg/notice
   with a lower priority, but never out-of-order.


 - Updated Slovak translation (Stano Visnovsky).
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Updated Hebrew translation (Dan Fruehauf).
 - Some fixes to the MODE parser.
 - Added ability to customize dialog tab buttons (Oskar Liljeblad).
 - Added an extra field in the EditServer window to enter a command
   to execute after logging in.
 - /load -e <file> can now load a file of commands to execute.
 - Added ability to change the log timestamp format (Jyrki Muukkonen).
 - Fixed default keybinding for Shift-PageUp (Mukund).
 - Changed the outbound throttle behaviour. Now only privmsgs and
   notices go to the back of the queue, everything else goes to the
 - Made it possible to compile with older than 5.6 perl again.
 - The main window's size and position is now saved on exit. Use
   /set mainwindow_save OFF to revert to the old behaviour.
 - Avoid auto-resuming the same file from two different people
   (without breaking autoresume this time).
 - Removed /sslserver and added a -ssl arg to /server, /reconnect,
   /servchan and /newserver.
 - Added support for /server irc://host:port/channel.
 - Added some mmx asm code written by Willem Monsuwe for tinting
   transparency. Use --disable-mmx to revert to gdk-pixbuf method.
 - Fixed resetting your away status after an auto-reconnect.


 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre and Manuel 
   García Aguilar).
 - Updated Russian translation (Valek Filippov).
 - Fixed lockup when a file being offered is shortened before being
 - Fixed ** ERROR **: file python.c: line 743 (pysH_Eget_users):
   assertion failed: (cur->hostname).
 - /kickban now deops and bans in one line (-o+b) (Felix Nawothnig).
 - Auto-nickcompletion now uses the nicksuffix setting (Mukund).
 - win32: change log-filenames with a | character to _.
 - When binding to a set hostname/ip, it would try to bind to port
   65535 - fixed.
 - Fixed crash when closing a dcc chat in a perl-dcc-chat-callback. 
 - Added option "Beep on Channel Messages" and a Beep button to the 
   toolbox ("<" button in the botton right) (Jason Wies).
 - Avoid auto-resuming the same file from two different people.
 - /close -m now closes all dialog/query windows.


 - xtext: marked text goes to clipboard aswell as primary selection.
 - xtext: some speedup optimizations.
 - xtext: fixed a problem when rendering a fixed-width font with
   missing chars.
 - Fixed hints for "You're kicked" text event, which showed the $ vars
 - When a user is seen to quit or join a channel you're in, your
   notify list will be modified instantly. No notify textevent is
   shown if it happened in the front-most tab (Alexander Hvostov).
 - Fixed binding server connects to different interface/address
   (ipv4 only) (Claus Riemann).
 - Avoid negative ping timeout when system clock changes.
 - Updated Italian translation (Stefano Fava).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Added text event "Channel Notice" so you can differentiate between
   private and channel notices (Fuentes Xavier).
 - Added ability to dcc send filenames with spaces. See "Fill Spaces"
   setting in Setup->File Transfer (Fuentes Xavier).
 - Included some makefiles for ms visual c.


 - Fixed kick messages showing only the first word of the reason.
 - Fixed GTK warnings thrown up when closing a dialog window.
 - Fixed a bug in sending quit reasons.
 - Fixed a problem with handling op/voice modes that caused halfops to
   appear in the userlist when using bahamut.
 - Kanji conversion is now turned ON when locale is ja (Akira TAGOH).
 - Saved some memory when loading .conf files (about 40k).
 - When changing fonts, it now changes in the inputbox without having
   to restart.
 - Added safeguard to stop recursive user commands.
 - Added two /set variables dialog_width and dialog_height. Use these
   to set the default size of dialog windows.
 - Win32: fixed crash of 'Auto Accept DCC Send' menu item.


 - Fixed crash in having server tabs ON and channel tabs OFF.
 - Fixed crash when closing the channel list window AFTER all its
   server windows were closed.
 - Fixed potential crash of the font dialog in settings.
 - Made /exec read data line-by-line (Richard Fuchs).
 - Disabled the menubar while in shelltabs (it was dangerous to use it
 - Fixed the banlist window's Unban, which selected the wrong rows
 - The Perl interpreter is now started only when loading the first
   script, to save memory when not using scripts.
 - Fixed lag/throttle meters not updating when set to text-only.
 - Fixed two small memory leaks.
 - Directories in your logmask are now created, so you can use masks
   like "%c/%y.log" in Setup->Logging (Tobias v. Koch).
 - xtext: FontSet rendering speedups.
 - Win32: made word and line selection work in xtext.
 - Win32: added url handler that sends to windows' shell. 
 - Win32: rendering 8bit characters should now work.


 - Fixed a memory leak in popup menus.
 - Fixed crash in receiving private actions.
 - Added /set variable 'perccolor'. Options effect input box are now:
   perccolor: parse %C,%B,%U etc (default ON).
   percascii: parse %XXX (where XXX is an ascii value) (default OFF).
   Note: if perccolor is OFF, percascii will not work.
 - Win32: Fixed incorrect calculation of ping time.
 - Win32: Server lookup and connect is now threaded.
 - Win32: Server connection error now reported correctly.
 - Win32: A simple identd server is now builtin.
 - Win32: Copying text from xtext to clipboard now works.
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).


 - xtext: Fixed parsing of "%C2, " to match mIRC, i.e. bg color is not
   reset, fg changes to 2 and the comma is printed (Fuentes Xavier).
 - xtext: a fix for multibyte text wrapping (Tetsuo YAMAMOTO).
 - Made notify NOT announce everyone offline when you first login.
 - Multiple WATCHes are sent on one line for notifies, to reduce lag.
 - Added an internal /unban command which takes multiple masks. You
   might want to remove the old usercommand (Tobias v. Koch). 
 - Banlist window now sends multiple modes per line.
 - Fixed a memory leak in perl (Martin Persson).
 - Removed the tooltip for userlistinfo, it seemed to cause corruption
   on some gtk+ themes.
 - Made xchat not interpret %C,%B etc when percascii is OFF, .e.g:
   /set percascii OFF
 - Fixed ops/voice counts when networks allow you to voice/op people
   that are already voiced/oped (like EFnet).
 - Fixed building with --disable-glib.
 - IPv6 reverted to off by default, use --enable-ipv6 to enable.
 - Win32 fixes: dcc send/recv now works and fixed a bug in loading
   some .conf files by using the O_BINARY flag.
 - Changed the xchat icon - old one was a bit too dark.
 - Updated Greek translation (Fanis Dokianakis).


 - Re-added support for '+' channels when there's no 005 numeric.
 - Made the new $3 null terminated (works better that way).
 - Fixed Doubleclick-user when disabling userlist icons.
 - Fixed SSL build.
 - Win32 port (some code from Alex Badea's 1.5.11win32 port used).
 - More code cleanups, removed all extern prototypes from fe-gtk/.
 - Titlebar text now shows unknown channel modes too.
 - Made persist chans work with /reconnect aswell.
 - Avoid pastes of common unix directories being treated as irc
   commands (Chema Celorio). 
 - Removed the Delete word forward/backward functions from
   KeyBindings. GTK handles these already, why were they ever there?
 - Made %h work for dialog windows' popup menu too.
 - Fixed treeview not setting channels red and blue.
 - The info above the userlist now gets a tooltip which gives you
   some extra info.
 - The nickgad (to the left of your nickname) now gets a text prefix
   char if userlist icons are disabled.
 - Timestamp format is now configurable in Setup->IRC Input/Output.


 - xtext: tweaks to make url highlights less flickery.
 - Added some support for ircd numeric 005. MODES>=6, CHANTYPES,
   CHANMODES, WATCH and PREFIX are supported. This means dynamic
   support of different channel and user modes. The userlist icons
   only support *@%+ though (admin, op, half op, voice), will have to
   find a way to make these dynamic in the future. Also, made a new
   file modes.c and rewrote mode handling in general to support this,
   so what did I break?
 - Added option 'Userlist icons' (default ON). Lets you turn off
   userlist icons for ops, voice etc and get the plain text @+ (in
   Setup->Interface). Might be useful for ircd's that have weird
   and wacky access levels.
 - Added support for WATCH command for use in notify list. Numeric 005
   must list WATCH for this to work.
 - Added an extra arg $3 for channel message printevents. This is the
   prefix char of the person talking, e.g. '@' for Ops.
 - Resolve irc-server name only if using a non-socks4 proxy. This
   allows you to connect even with a non-working dns. Also made the
   socks5 code more "correct" (Richard Fuchs).
 - Some code cleanups, got rid of most of the extern functions in c
   files and moved them to h files.
 - Perl has a valid context at startup again (broken in 1.7.4).
 - Fixed leak of awaymessages for "Show away once" feature.


 - Fixed some buggy catalogs for gettext 0.10.37 (OpenBSD users).
   Compiling with 0.10.35 will now break, there's always
   ./configure disable-nls.
 - Fixed python autoloading due to new serverlistcode (Richard Fuchs).
 - Made perl/python/plugins autoload when first irc window is open
   (rather than when serverlist opens), incase they need to print.
 - Changed serverlist opening behaviour. It now obays the
   'No ServerList on startup' setting regardless of auto-connects.
 - Fixed buggy Quit menu item (1.7.4 bug).
 - DCC cleanups, including some endian fixes.
 - DCC windows don't go to front when new xfers appear (1.7.3 bug).
 - Rewrites to a few vital xtext functions. This seems to have speed
   up rendering with a FontSet and fix the -/+1 line bug.
 - Fixed Shelltab not opening sometimes (actually a 1.7.4 ipv6 bug).
 - Added ability to change font for Shelltabs only:
   /set font_shell <fontname>


 - On startup, serverlist now opens without any other windows, looks
   neater, less confusing for newbies. If you disable serverlist at
   startup, a normal irc will open instead.
 - Made a few things more userfriendly, "DCC Send" -> "File Send". No
   need to refer to the protocol in the GUI!
 - Fixed a xtext bug rendering a background color of 1 incorrectly.
 - Unprintable characters used to cause problems to xtext (who would
   have thought gdk_char_width returns a different value to
   gdk_text_width?) - fixed.
 - xtext renders only once when switching tabs (used to render twice
   because gtk gives us 2 expose signals, why?).
 - When you change your nick it changes in the titlebar now too.
   Server name is now reported in dialog windows' titlebar.
 - Having Strip mIRC Color ON will now strip it from dcc chats too.
 - Added (really this time) perl functions add_user_list,
   sub_user_list, clear_user_list for manipulating the userlist of a
   channel (Lloyd Williams).
 - Various code cleanups, including a rewrite of the IPv6 code.
   Removed /6server and 'Use IPv6' check-box in the serverlist. It
   automatically handles IPv6/IPv4 addresses now.
 - Added a check-box in the serverlist edit window for "Use Proxy".


 - Added server hostname as $3 for quit print event (Bjorn Olievier).
 - Some fixes to the gnomepanel code. Panel no longer asks to restart
   applet on quit, removing the applet doesn't exit xchat (George).
 - Fixed fd leaks in /exec and python (Richard Fuchs).
 - user@host gets logged in query windows (Richard Fuchs).
 - Fixed the 'Marked Away' & 'Save Settings on exit' check menu items
   (when using --disable-gnome).
 - Workaround for ipv6 build failing on some glibcs (Tobias von Koch).
 - DCC won't try to resume if local file is bigger than remote offer.
 - Fixed xtext drawing/wordwrap and textmarking bugs.
 - Horizontal scrollbar appears in channellist window when needed.
 - Fixed color paste. Does this affect multibyte pasting? Please
   report (Darell Tan).
 - Fixed titlebar text for notices/snotices tabs.
 - The topic box gets a tooltip of the current topic.


 - Fixed some Python mem leaks and signal/event handlers can now
   return non-null integer to tell xchat to stop processing the event
   (like perl handling functions) (Richard Fuchs).
 - Got rid of the Linger timeout. This was a lame solution to stop the
   loss of QUIT messages when closing the socket too early. Now xchat
   just delays closing sockets by 5 seconds (even on quiting the app).
   No more 1 second delay when you close a tab or the whole app!
 - Fixed some memory leaks in the banlist window.
 - Added 'B' channel-mode button to access the banlist.
 - Added Turkish translation (Ozgur Dogan GUNES).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Fixed the throttle setting (which was reversed! who did that?).
 - Added IRC::notify_list. (Matthew Gabeler-Lee).
 - Don't crash when bind fails for dcc send.
 - Don't send garbage to server when ban_type is invalid.
 - Rewrote a whole heap of bad code in maingui.c. When opening a new
   tab/window it always uses the same functions instead of having the
   code repeated a few times. This is pretty big so expect some things
   to break. This also means dcc/chanlist etc tabs get the < > buttons
 - /KICKBAN now deops users first (Tobias von Koch).


 - Turning off server tabs should work again (1.7.0 bug).
 - Some ipv6 fixes.
 - Added a few TextEvents that used to be hardcoded.
 - Updated jcode (Takuo Kitame).
 - Fixed possible crash in palette window (1.7.0 bug).
 - Rewrote the EscapeCode->mIRC color conversion for /exec.
 - Added option to explicitly set your dcc IP (Jim Seymour).
 - Added Opera and w3m to default URL Handlers.
 - New serverlist/window icon - just for a change.
 - Updated Korean translation (Kim SeungBaeck).
 - Added hook_timeout to the XChat.XChat() python class so you can
   XChat.XChat().hook_timeout(delay, handler). It is a one time
   function like the perl version (Donald Kjer).
 - /RECONNECT can now takes args like /SERVER, the difference
   being that it'll rejoin all your channels (Angel).


 - Updated German translation (Benedikt Roth).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Updated Japanese translation (Takuo Kitame).
 - Added Norwegian translation (Kjartan Maraas).
 - Fix for bug in 1.4.x serverlist.conf loading.
 - Away status and reason is re-send to the server if you get
   disconnected (Daniel Rall).
 - Added option to have one tab for notices, configurable under
   Inferface/Window layout (Alex Badea).
 - Added another meter component that measures the server send queue
   from the throttle system (pref: throttlemeter), added UI support
   for showing the lag and throttle as either progress bars, info
   boxes, both, or none (Alex Badea).
 - Added a command to flush the send queue (/FLUSHQ) and one for
   forcing a new lag check (/LAGCHECK) (Alex Badea).
 - Added option 'persist_chans', when ON once a session is created
   for a channel, no other channel will be assigned to that session,
   regardless of any parts or kicks (Alex Badea).
 - Compile errors while loading a perl script are printed on the main
   window. Warnings issued by perl scripts are also printed on the
   main window. This allows script writers to use the perl command
   'warn' to point out strange things. Perl errors no longer make
   xchat crash. The error message is written on the main window and
   the command execution is stopped (Frodo Baggins).
 - Added IPv6 support for making server connections. See
   ./configure --enable-ipv6 and /6SERVER command (\\bonxo\\@IRCnet).
 - Added Banlist window (Salvatore Insalaco).
 - You can now specify which dir ssl is in, e.g.: ./configure
   --enable-openssl=/usr/local/ssl (Richard Fuchs).
 - Added InterScan proxy traversal support (is this the correct name
   for this proxy? Looks like a httpd proxy to me) (Alex Riesen).
 - Added Japanese code conversion support, see ./configure
   --enable-japanese-conv (Takuo Kitame).
 - xtext: smooth (pixel-based) scrolling.


 - Fix for using a DCC port range (Lawrence Gold).
 - Fix for building on UnixWare 7 (Ronald Joe Record).
 - Added Chinese translations - zh_TW.Big5 and zh_CN (Kevin Peng and
   Anthony Fok Tung-Ling).
 - Added Finnish translation (Jarkko Ranta).
 - Revamped the default URLHandlers to add Galeon and Mozilla.
 - Clicking Accept on a DCC chat that you offered would loop - fixed.
 - Fixed percentage display for DCC receive (Matthew Gabeler-Lee).
 - Fixed bug in indent and timestamps (Dmitriy Zavin).
 - Fixed crash bug in xchat-text and DCC send being aborted remotely.
 - Made /lastlog more efficient for very large scrollback buffers.
 - Beep on private actions too (Richard Fuchs).
 - /MSG'ing a channel or nick will show up in the destination tab
   instead (Richard Fuchs).


 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Right-click toggle menu items used to crash under gnome (bug in
   gnome-libs?) - work around.
 - xtext: Efficiency improvements: text mark, word and line select.
 - xtext: fixes for multibyte characters (UNO Takeshi).
 - Fixed bug in resizing a tinted-transparent window (deb bug #79674).
 - Some OS2 compilation fixes (pla).
 - Fixed PONG parsing (Stefano Barbato).
 - Fixed a leak of file descriptors.
 - Fixed /ALLSERV.
 - Fixed /BAN to replace ~ with * in username (Stefan Scholl).
 - Fixed /ME through DCC CHAT while not connected to server (#81031).
 - Work-around for UnrealIRCd's duplicate /NAMES bug.
 - Fixed DCC receiving filenames with spaces.


 - xtext: Fixed the mark-clear bug (gnome bug #34584).
 - Updated German translation (Tamer Fahmy).
 - Commas are replaced with %2c in URLs, as to not confuse poor old
   Netscape (deb bug #70905).
 - Bluestring to 300 chars (deb bug #79138).
 - Added option /SET percascii, which can disable/enable translation
   of %XXX into an ascii value while typing (deb bug #76122).
 - New hotkey hook: key_action_put_history. Only inserts line into
   history, but doesn't send it to the server (DaP).
 - Lots of SSL updates:
   * Make accept_invalid_cert optional on /sslserver (DaP).
   * Print verbose information of SSL session on connect (DaP).
   * Clean up code at X509_V_ERR_DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT checking


 - xtext: Fixed lockup with certain sized fonts.
 - xtext: Made some changes to improve efficiency when using really
   large scrollback buffers (only noticable when doublebuffer off).
 - Fixed a bug in /help crashing on longer than 10 char UserCommands.
 - Fixed autoreconnect while using a proxy server.
 - Never-give-up ReConnect does just that (even more so than before :)
 - Fixed the channelmode buttons mouse-over problem.
 - Fixed percentage display for large files in dcc recv/send gui.
 - StartTime in dcc chat gui no longer Jan 1 1970.
 - Fixed DCC send behind IP-Nat (Bernhard Valenti)
 - Added Lithuanian translation (Gediminas Paulauskas).
 - The < > buttons arn't shown for non-tab windows (Aaron Lehmann).
 - Fixed the (-1,-1) transparency problem for non-tab windows.


 - xtext: More efficient handling of expose events, text marking and
   url highlighting when double buffer is OFF.
 - xtext: Fixed a very rare bug that could cause BadGC errors or the
   separator bar not to be drawn.
 - Fixed crash in right-clicking URLs in the URL Grabber window.
 - If Check-For-Replace is in the keybindings for Return, it'll
   actually work again.
 - USER login command now sends your nodename instead of 'localhost'
   to please some IRCNet servers.
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).


 - Updated Slovak translation (Stano Visnovsky).
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Greek translation (Fanis Dokianakis).
 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - If Never-Give-Up Reconnect is ON, it won't give up on DNS failer.
 - '/me is back' is sent again when Announce Away Messages is ON.
 - If channelmode buttons were OFF and you joined a channel with a
   userlimit xchat would crash - fixed.
 - /sslserver's password arg. is now optional (Daniel Richards).
 - SSL accepts self signed certs (Daniel Richards).
 - Fixed the unnecessary window resizes when opening a new tab.
 - Changed the tinting code a bit (thanks gnapster :). 
 - Transparent shell tabs update too when they are moved.


 - Added "Enable double buffer" toggle in Setup->Channel windows.
 - Double buffer is now OFF by default (seems to use less CPU).
 - Timestamps didn't turn ON while indent was OFF - fixed.
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Added some extra text events: Channel Msg hilight, Channel
   Action hilight (near top of the list). No more cardcoded color
   codes! Also hilighting in actions works, and you can make the whole
   message hilighted if you change the event text.
 - Initial window size is actually set to your settings (this will
   never be perfect I guess, sometimes to the window still resizes
   itself without warning).
 - Hidemenubar setting didn't work properly for non-tabs and when
   delinking windows - fixed.
 - Notices appear in front tab even when server tabs are enabled.
 - Changed Away behaviour again. No more /back, /away with no args
   brings you back. The menu-item's state is what the server tells
   it, it even changes when you switch tabs to another server. Xchat
   assumes you are not away when you first connect. irc::get_info(5)
   returns the away state. One day the other UserModes menu items will
   show correct states. Is everyone happy now?
 - Translation tables didn't work for outgoing text - fixed.
 - Cleaned up a few xchat.conf names, a few settings may not load up
   from 1.5.9 - just set them again.


 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Added Hebrew translation (Dan Fruehauf).
 - Fixed crash bug when partreason was not set.
 - Dialog tabs obay the hidetopicbar setting now too (the one in the
   right-click menu).
 - Cleaned up the settings gui: the whole window is more compact now,
   some toggles in two columns, numbers use a spin-button, entry boxes
	are larger and option-menus are more consistant.
 - The "o=xx v=xx t=xx" display is finally changed.
 - Changed most of xtext.c to use gdk instead of Xlib.
 - Added configure option:
        --disable-xlib    disable use of xlib (for non X11 systems)
   This might help compile xchat on other GTK supported systems like
   BeOS and Win32 (havn't tried it though).
 - Neater /set list.
 - You can now set a nickname per server (see serverlist edit window).
 - Changed the behaviour of /away and added /back (James Crawford).
 - Away reason can now be a text file of random reasons too.

 1.5.7 -> 1.5.8

 - Updated Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
 - Updated Greek translation (Dokianakis Fanis).
 - Updated German translation (Tamer Fahmy).
 - Added Catalan translation (Pablo Saratxaga).
 - Added option "Always timestamp logs" which timestamps log files
   even if on-screen timestamps are off (Mike Guidero).
 - Added entry "Part Reason: ". Also part and quit reasons can be
   a filename of random reasons (filename relative to ~/.xchat/).
 - Took out /unban as a internal command, add it as a usercommand
   /quote MODE %c -b &2 instead.
 - Added a text event for banlist. Try /banlist and it'll be a bit
   more readable now.
 - Changed output throttle system (undernet style) (Alex Badea).
 - Added 1 second linger socket option to stop QUIT msgs from being
   lost (they still get lost sometimes, why?).

 1.5.6 -> 1.5.7

 - Fixed transparency-leak problems in 1.5.6
 - New code to create shaded transparency, taken from latest zvt.
   (is it better?)
 - URL handlers are now executed without a shell.
 - Fixed a bug in xchat.conf and serverlist.conf loading.
 - When spliting msgs (longer than the IRC 512 limit), it used to
   loose some chars - fixed.
 - Added feature to choose DCC port range            (Lars Sundqvist).
 - Fixed perl-stack overflow probs in irc::userlist() and others.
   Added perl functions user_list_short() and perl_script_list()
                                                       (Mike Guidero).
 - MHz is now detected on FreeBSD 4.x/5.x           (Jonathan Perkin).
 - It's now possible to "/dcc close chat nick" within a DCC perl
   input handler without crashing xchat.         (Geoffrey Higginson).
 - Fixed a problem with the usermenu not updating sometimes.

 1.5.5 -> 1.5.6

 - Added option pingtimeout, which pings the server instead. 
   /set pingtimeout 90 is default (small values will malfunction).
   You also need the lagometer enabled for this to work.
 - No longer using fnmatch() for ignore etc (because the way it
   handles [ and ]). Using function from ircu2.10.08.
 - Some fixes to code & configure.in to make it compile using
   Solaris C (Albert Chin).
 - New Spanish translation (Antonio de la Torre).
 - New Russian translation (Alex Samorukov).
 - New Hungarian translation (Horvath Szabolcs).
 - Added Portuguese translation (Vitor Antunes).
 - Added Slovak translation (Martin Pekar).
 - Added /allserv <cmd> and /allchan <cmd>. They send a command to
   all currently connected servers and joined channels. Also added
   usercommands /ame and /amsg which make use of this.
 - Added sock5 traversal, see Setup->Proxy Server (Alex Badea).
   (The numbers for proxy_type are now 0=disabled, 1=wingate,
    2=socks4, 3=socks5).
 - A few more buffer overflow checks (nick & channel length).
 - Mapped mIRC color 99 to "no background" (mIRC lame!).
 - Some efficiency tweaks to xtext.
 - Added SSL support (see --enable-openssl and /help server) (DaP).
   This seems to be highly experimental, as I don't know of any IRC
   servers that can do SSL yet.
 - Changed history behaviour, more like GNU (DaP).
   i.e. Doesn't wrap and the bottom line is blank.
 - Added option "InputBox Always In Focus" (DaP).
 - Added option "Show Nickgad" (DaP).
 - Added option "Show invites in the active Window" (DaP).
 - Added option "Send /Whois" in notifies section, which sends a
   /whois when someone comes online (DaP).
 - Added an event for numeric 341, you inivited someone (DaP).
 - Title bar text changed/improved a bit (DaP).
 - Added actions for EditKeyBindings: MoveFrontTabLeft and
   MoveFrontTabRight, like the <> buttons, but for keyboard (DaP).
 - Implemented timeout events in the text frontend (Alex Badea and
   fixed by me :).
 - Dcc Recv/Send tabs won't resize the window when open.
 - Added configure option --disable-glib.
 - Transparent windows update when background changes (Aaron Lehmann).
 - serverlist.conf is slightly changed! You WILL be able to load your
   old 1.5.5 or 1.4.x server list, but older versions WON'T load lists
   from 1.5.6, so backup your serverlist.conf if you need to.

 1.5.4 -> 1.5.5

 - Fix for show/hide menu under gnome.
 - Added -a and --noauto arg (don't auto connect to any servers).
 - Added internal /list command, which sends the correct args according
   to ircd type (it detects undernet and dalnet to send >0,<10000).
   Remove any old /list usercommands you might have.
 - /op /deop ... etc send up to six modes per line if using undernet.
 - As discussed in the mailinglist, changed DCC resume to send and
   expect to receive ACKs as an absolute, rather than an offset from
   the resume point. It *should* work with mIRC now, but break with
   old versions of xchat and probably BitchX.
 - Added option "Limited Tab Highlighting" (Francis Litterio).

 1.5.3 -> 1.5.4

 - Lack of gdk_pixbuf is detected correctly now (configure script).
 - textmarking is no longer a timeout event, is this better or worse?
 - Added Turkish translation (Fatih Demir).
 - Added Russian translation (Valek Filippov).
 - Added Ukrainian translation (Yuri Syrota).
 - Added configure option --disable-zvt. Also, zvt shell tab can be
   compiled in even without gnome (and is by default, if gnome-config
   can be found to provide the LDFLAGS).
 - Added "Delete Word Forward" function in Edit Key Bindings. Bind
   this to Alt-d for that emacs feel (Francis Litterio). 
 - Ping times show one extra decimal place.
 - You can now hide the menubar too, click left mouse in the text area
   to get a popup version of the menu (middle mouse in dialogs).
 - Added the proxy settings to the GUI, Setup->IRC->Proxy Server.
 - Added a keyword TOGGLE for usermenu. Delete your old usermenu.conf
   to see the new default one.
 - Configure script now cleans up the CFLAGS & LDFLAGS (removes
   duplicate words), let's hope this doesn't break on some boxses.

 1.5.2 -> 1.5.3

 - Fixed a rare overflow bug in auto_insert().
 - Pressing OK in the settings window on slow machines (p233?) was
   pretty slow, maybe it's faster now.
 - Corrected some inputgad behaviour (Aaron Lehmann).
 - Fix for 64bit machines (alpha) in xtext (word clicks).
 - Updated German translation (Benedikt Roth).
 - Updated Danish translation (Birger Langkjer).
 - If you disconnect (/discon, /quit...) a server during the reconnect
   delay, it is actually removed now.
 - Added option "Give the userlist style" (DaP).
 - Translation tables support can be turned off (--disable-trans), for
   you minimalist freaks.
 - Added Hebrew support, compile time: --enable-hebrew, run time:
   /set hebrew 0/1 (Dan Aloni).
 - Added new setting, "nick completion character" (Francis Litterio).
 - Added new setting, "Old-style Nickname Completion", which makes it
   act much like 1.4.x (Francis Litterio).
 - Added "Delete Word" function to EditKeyBindings (Francis Litterio).
 - Now using gdk-pixbuf for decoding pictures and tinted transparency.
	(Tints don't seem to work 100% yet). (Andreas Persenius).
 - Added halfop support (mode +h). This includes support in the
   userlist, /hop, /dehop, /mdehop and new textevents (Elizandro G. Roos).

 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2

 - --disable-gnome should work again.
 - Fixed a bug in right-click nick menu.
 - Should compile with glibc 2.1.3 (no more 'struct user' errors).
 - Added Romanian translation (Dan Damian).
 - CTCP flood protection won't kick in for ACTIONs.
 - Removed the theme code.
 - Made pixmaps.c, all code to decode/free/etc pixmaps is in here.
 - WM_HINTS icon is set for the app.
 - Removed the "-c" flag (it's automatic now).

 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1

 - Shell tabs are now delinkable.
 - Added a "show/hide topic bar" button (bottom right), I didn't know
   where else to put this.
 - Hidding the userlist is saved and any new tabs/windows open will
   have the userlist hidden.
 - You can now turn off/on perl warnings with /set perlwarnings 0/1.
 - Tab-key nick completion even more like GNU readline (Gerard Daubar).
 - Rewrote the function that handles %variables in userlist buttons,
   user commands and ctcp replies (all use the same function now),
   please report any bugs (especially if someone can overflow you from
   remote ;) - as a consequence, you can use % and & (word/word_eol)
   for ctcp replies now. Also added %m for machine info.
 - Nickname-popup-menu, URLmenu and Usermenu all use the same code now
   (it means you can make submenus in all 3).
 - Double eval back in perl.c
 - Dialogs/querys also have a toolbox button (just for consistancy).
 - Added lagometer (/set lagometer 0 to turn it off), this isn't quiet
   finished yet (and doesn't work on IRCNet because it refuses to
   reply to pings correctly).

 1.4.2 -> 1.5.0

 - Some changes & cleanups to the parser code (inbound/outbound).
 - Ran all source through indent, using:
           indent -bli0 -bls -ce -ts3 -i3
    (please use this in your patches, I used GNU indent 2.2.4).
 - If you send a message (channel or query window) longer than 512
   bytes (maximum allowed by the ircd) it will be split into two
   smaller messages instead of being truncated.
 - Some gui touchups and changes.
 - You can now enable/disable the output throttle with /set throttle.
 - Added /timer.
 - Overhauled the ChannelList window (Joshua Gough).
 - Added proxy traversal support for socks and wingate, no gui yet so
   use /set proxy_host, proxy_port, proxy_type (1=socks, 2=wingate).
 - Added /userlist.
 - Opaque-window-move used to be slow on some windowmanagers even
   with transparency turned off - fixed.
 - Tab-key completion is more like GNU readline (Wes Peters).
 - Now possible to use modules in perl scripts (Andreas Scherbaum).
 - irc::get_info(4) returns the current xchat dir (Mike Guidero).
 - Added irc::get_prefs() (returns a /set variable) (Leo Cacciari).
 - /set <wildcard> is now possible.
 - Added Show-Userhost-in-Userlist option (Nicolas Dimitrijevic).
 - Build tree cleaned up so 'make dist' can work.
 - Added flood protection from CTCP and mass-dialogs-opening (Bruj0)
   rdiazleven@ubp.edu.ar. (see variables *_limit).

 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2

 - Compilation fixes for IRIX (David Kaelbling).
 - Compilation fixes for AIX (Rodrigo Barbosa).
 - Compilation fixes for OpenBSD.
 - Should now compile with certain beta/alpha versions of Perl.
 - "Scrollbar snapping to top" bug fixed.
 - Corrected some text marking behaviour.
 - Made use of fnmatch(), if available (for chanlist, ignore etc).
 - Configure script is now generated with a sane version of autoconf.
 - Alt-minus and Alt-plus now wrap around (AGL).

 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1

 - Fixed a bug that could make new text not appear while marking text.
 - xtext: Further improved performance when double buffering is turned
          off (marking text & URL hilights are almost flicker free).
 - xtext: Double buffer is now freed at each render operation, this
          should reduce memory usage if you have many tabs open.
 - If you closed a server while it was in the reconnect-delay, xchat
   would crash - fixed.
 - No more zombies when doing /discon while connection in progress.
 - Added "/clear all" command (Paul de Regt).
 - Hilights only work on full word matches now (Brendan O'Dea).
 - Some Solaris compilation fixes (David Morgan).
 - Danish translation updated (Birger Langkjer).
 - Italian translation updated (Stefano Fava).
 - Greek translation added (Fanis Dokianakis).
 - Dutch translation upated (Arjan Scherpenisse).
 - Removed some very old translations: fr_CA, no, pl, ru and sv.
   (If someone wants to update these, you're welcome to).
 - Channel mode "+h nick" (half Op) is now reported correctly (still
   not supported in the userlist though).
 - Having indent nicks OFF in channel windows and ON in dialog windows
   didn't work - fixed.
 - Sometimes ignores wouldn't save - fixed.


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