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Read Me

 X-Chat ("xchat") Copyright (c) 1998-2010 By Peter Zelezny.

 This program is released under the GPL v2 with the additional exemption
 that compiling, linking, and/or using OpenSSL is allowed. You may
 provide binary packages linked to the OpenSSL libraries, provided that
 all other requirements of the GPL are met. 
 See file COPYING for details.

What is it?
 X-Chat is an IRC client for UNIX operating systems. I.R.C. is Internet
 Relay Chat, see for more information about IRC in
 general. Xchat runs on most BSD and POSIX compliant operating systems.

 * GTK+ 2.10 (this is available at

 X-Chat is known to work on, at least:

	* Linux
	* FreeBSD
	* OpenBSD
	* NetBSD
	* Solaris
	* AIX
	* DEC/Compaq Tru64 UNIX
	* HP-UX 10.20 and 11
	* MacOS X
	* Windows XP/2000/Vista/7

Notes for packagers:

 If you need your packages to work on i386, you don't need to compile with
 --disable-mmx, because it's also checked at run-time.

Python Scripts:
 Scripts for 1.8.x are not compatible, and a brand new interface has be
 written. Documentation can be found here:
 Consider using the Python interface for your scripts, it's a very nice
 API, allows for loading/unloading individual scripts, and gives you
 almost all the features of the C-Plugin API.

Perl Scripts:
 Scripts for 1.8.x are compatible with the following exceptions:

* IRC::command will not interpret %C, %B, %U etc.

* user_list and user_list_short:
  If a user has both op and voice, only the op flag will be 1.

* add_user_list/sub_user_list/clear_user_list
  These functions do nothing.

* notify_list
  Not implemented. Always returns an empty list.

* server_list
  Lists servers that are not connected aswell.

* Some print events may have new names and some were added.

* Text printed by scripts must now be UTF8.

* Text passed to scripts (via add_message_handler) will be encoded in UTF8.

Autoloading Perl Scripts and Plugins
 * X-Chat automatically loads, at startup:
	~/.xchat2/*.pl Perl scripts
	~/.xchat2/*.py Python scripts
	~/.xchat2/*.so Plugins
	$(libdir)/xchat/plugins/*.so plugins
	(this usually translates to /usr/lib/xchat/plugins/*.so)

Control Codes:
 %%     -  A single percentage sign
 %C     -  Control-C (mIRC color code)
 %B     -  Bold Text
 %U     -  Underline Text
 %R     -  Reverse Text
 %O     -  Reset all Text attributes
 %XXX   -  ASCII XXX (where XXX is a decimal 3 digit number)
           (Eg: %007 sends a BEEP)

 %Cforeground,background will produce a color code, eg: %C03,10

 These are now disabled by default (see Settings > Prefs > Input Box).
 Instead you can insert the real codes via ctrl-k, ctrl-b and ctrl-o.