Commit Date  
[r1438] by zed

Imported Fedora 13 spec file (minus ntlm and some patches).

2010-05-30 06:25:59 Tree
[r1437] by zed

Fixed libX11/XSetWMHints linking error.

2010-05-30 06:06:56 Tree
[r1436] by zed

#include <gtk/gtkversion.h> required by some older GTKs.

2010-05-30 03:56:13 Tree
[r1435] by zed

Default ntlm support to "no".

2010-05-30 02:46:33 Tree
[r1434] by zed

Various text event changes, see ChangeLog for details.

2010-05-30 02:28:03 Tree
[r1433] by zed

New ru.po.

2010-05-30 02:08:52 Tree
[r1432] by zed

When a single channel MODE changes, xchat will no longer re-issue a MODE request for the titlebar display, but figure the new modes intelligently (Brian Evans).

2010-05-30 02:02:10 Tree
[r1431] by zed

* irc_join_list() was not being used, so the 512 byte splitting of auto-join channels didn't work - fixed.
* Moved the 'x' key filler to proto-irc.c so it doesn't display in the GUI.

2010-05-16 07:43:49 Tree
[r1430] by zed

Update ChangeLog.

2010-05-16 06:16:18 Tree
[r1429] by zed

New icons for fileoffer, message and highlight (Brian Evans).

2010-05-16 06:12:45 Tree
[r1428] by zed

Define a comparison routine for contexts in Python (Brian Evans).

2010-05-16 04:31:54 Tree
[r1427] by zed

Selecting an item in the nickmenu will now copy it to clipboard (Alex Kutepow).

2010-05-16 04:24:23 Tree
[r1426] by zed

Updated translations.

2010-05-16 04:22:14 Tree
[r1425] by zed

Bug #2982884 - add ntlm configure switch (Polynomial-C).

2010-05-16 04:02:36 Tree
[r1424] by zed

For the JOIN command, add a 'x' filler for empty keys. This works around a bug in ircd-seven.

2010-05-16 03:58:30 Tree
[r1423] by zed

Remove GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, as this only ensured future breakage.

2010-05-16 03:20:21 Tree
[r1422] by zed

Don't show numeric 330 when right-clicking a nick name (Khisanth).

2010-05-16 03:06:30 Tree
[r1421] by zed

Update ChangeLog.

2010-05-16 02:55:18 Tree
[r1420] by zed

When switching tabs, make the treeview only scroll if the selected item isn't visible [treeview-less-jumping.diff] (Brian Evans).

2010-05-16 02:13:59 Tree
[r1419] by zed

FAQ.HTML: Mention Vista/7, delete 98/ME.

2010-05-16 02:11:34 Tree
[r1418] by zed

Added networks: 7-indonesia, ChattingAway, GeekShed, TURLINet.

2010-05-16 02:00:43 Tree
[r1417] by zed

RFE #2045483 - Make ESC key close the search window (Richard Rowell).

2010-05-16 01:48:29 Tree
[r1416] by zed

Bug #2974436 - Fix compat with GTK 2.20 by not using deprecated marcos (Brian Evans).

2010-05-16 01:40:41 Tree
[r1415] by zed

Bug #2987626 - Allow /GHOST's password arg to be optional (Ori Avtalion).

2010-05-16 01:32:41 Tree
[r1414] by zed

Bug #2957047 - Handle CTCPs when IDmsg is used correctly (Lian Wan Situ).

2010-05-16 01:30:16 Tree
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