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[r1303] by zed

=== Bump to 2.8.6 ===

2008-06-12 08:37:44 Tree
[r1302] by zed

*** empty log message ***

2008-06-11 08:37:12 Tree
[r1301] by zed

Fix a bunch of small bugs. Is it ready for release now?

2008-06-10 12:05:00 Tree
[r1300] by zed

remove debug

2008-06-10 12:01:46 Tree
[r1299] by zed

* "Add to Friends List" in nick menu.
* Automated /WHOIS in nick menu when information is missing.
* Default to "IRC (Latin/Unicode Hybrid)" when adding a new network.
* Implement add/remove from Favorites.
* Zero out passwords upon exit.

2008-06-08 07:58:58 Tree
[r1298] by zed

fix per-channel logging when global is OFF.

2008-05-25 06:25:31 Tree
[r1297] by zed

* 1931579 workaround for python.
* 1970157 fix /clear
* make /ignore <nick> auto-add !*@* if found in userlist.
* show "Server load is temporarily too heavy" in msgbox if chanlist open.

2008-05-25 05:36:25 Tree
[r1296] by zed

auto-load also "./Plugins/*.py" on win32.

2008-04-15 06:25:14 Tree
[r1295] by zed

finally solve remaining highlight matching issues (?)

2008-03-19 04:28:57 Tree
[r1294] by zed

fix highlights with a <special> inside nick?

2008-03-18 10:57:23 Tree
[r1293] by zed

pre-chan scrollback settings

2008-03-18 10:56:26 Tree
[r1292] by zed

possibly fix:

2008-02-29 02:21:23 Tree
[r1291] by zed

lagtip buffer needs to be larger for some translations.

2008-02-29 02:19:00 Tree
[r1290] by zed

change a few labels in the menu.

2008-02-29 02:18:10 Tree
[r1289] by zed

honour prefs.autoreconnect in a client-side ping timeout.

2008-02-29 02:17:32 Tree
[r1288] by zed

*** empty log message ***

2008-02-25 06:59:03 Tree
[r1287] by zed

part 2.

2008-02-24 05:10:21 Tree
[r1286] by zed

/CLEAR can now specific now many lines to delete from the top or bottom (give it a positive or negative number).

2008-02-24 05:09:34 Tree
[r1285] by zed

clean up

2008-02-24 04:30:23 Tree
[r1284] by zed

move beep/blink/alert stuff to text.c so plugins can emit_print them too. Now what did this break?

2008-02-24 04:25:58 Tree
[r1283] by zed

channel list window: put "Add to Favorites" in right-click menu.

2008-02-24 03:46:02 Tree
[r1282] by zed

implement fe_notify_ask

2008-02-24 03:37:42 Tree
[r1281] by zed

more safety.

2008-02-24 03:26:52 Tree
[r1280] by zed

make "Join" pevents still emitted to plugins even when 'Hide Join/Parts' is ON.

2008-02-24 03:24:52 Tree
[r1279] by zed

part 2.

2008-02-24 02:56:30 Tree
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