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[r1052] by zdra

missing updates.

2006-07-29 18:09:02 Tree
[r1051] by zdra

- xchat-remote removed. We can now use "xchat --existing --url=<url>" instead.
- a .service file is added, like that xchat is automaticaly started when a client wants to connect the xchat service.
- Each D-Bus client has now his own remote_object, like that clients can't interfer each others. A client should now first get the manager
(/org/xchat/Manager) and call then "Connect" method which returns the path to a new remote_object.
- update the dbus README to reflect the D-Bus interface changes.

2006-07-29 17:46:57 Tree
[r1050] by zed

Fix "restricted mode" errors on win32 [1512076].

2006-07-25 03:15:20 Tree
[r1049] by zdra

- add python dbus client example (src/common/dbus/
- implement ListGet, ListNext, ListStr, ListInt, ListFree (see C API)
- add a short TODO in dbus-plugin.c for those who want to help me
- update README

2006-07-18 18:16:18 Tree
[r1048] by zdra

PVERSION="" like that dbus plugin doesn't appear in plugins list anmore

2006-07-18 13:41:18 Tree
[r1047] by zdra

s/xchat remote access/remote access/
remove a useless #define

2006-07-18 13:17:00 Tree
[r1046] by zdra

Fix a crash

2006-07-18 12:34:20 Tree
[r1045] by zdra

- Move dbus plugin to src/common/dbus
- code cleanup
- SetContext/FindContext/GetContext are now the same as C plugin API (will break old applications using dbus interface)
- improved error handling
- each dbus client has his own xchat context
- automatically unhook when dbus client has quit
- lots of bugfix

please test it and report bugs !

2006-07-18 11:46:25 Tree
[r1044] by zed

=== Bump to 2.6.6 ===

2006-07-18 03:36:41 Tree
[r1043] by zed

update to svn head.

2006-07-17 05:51:02 Tree
[r1042] by zed

Make /MENU DEL work for markup items.

2006-07-16 04:35:04 Tree
[r1041] by zed

* Added -m arg to /MENU. See plugin20.html for more.
* Added /SPLAY <soundfile>.
* Make sure gui_input_spell is respected when building with libsexy.

2006-07-16 03:16:27 Tree
[r1040] by zdra

Use PACKAGE_TARNAME instead of PACKAGE_NAME to have the name of xchat's

2006-07-15 08:22:40 Tree
[r1039] by zed

second part of the last commit.

2006-07-15 07:39:59 Tree
[r1038] by zed

New configure option:
--enable-spell=type enable spelling type: none static libsexy gtkspell

2006-07-15 07:33:56 Tree
[r1037] by zdra

add a WARNING to let developers know that the dbus plugin isn't very
stable and the interface may change in the future.

2006-07-13 13:58:51 Tree
[r1036] by zed

* allow pango markup in /gui msgbox
* /set tab_small 2, for _extra_ small.

2006-07-13 09:16:29 Tree
[r1035] by lsitu

Added check in set_context for undef
Added the fields from get_list "channels" for the current context to the result of context_info

2006-07-12 04:51:56 Tree
[r1034] by zed

*** empty log message ***

2006-07-12 04:27:32 Tree
[r1033] by zed

added gui_url_mod setting to change left-click URL modifier (set to 0 for left-click only). default is 4=ctrl.

2006-07-11 15:58:17 Tree
[r1032] by zed

clarify xchat_hook_fd and passing win32 pipes.

2006-07-11 06:39:42 Tree
[r1031] by zed

The monster check-in:
1) Added CHANOPT command for setting channel specific options such as showing of joins and part, beep on message and color paste (Lian Wan Situ).
2) /CLEAR HISTORY will clear your command history.
3) Fixed a crash if you left a Ban-List window open after closing the associated channel and then clicking Refresh.
4) The /QUERY command now has -nofocus arg, which scripts might find useful.
5) print errno string in /dcc send, when open() fails.
6) hash-ify /gui in outbound.c
7) fix crash when script/plugin prints invalid-utf8 caused by recent addition of iso_8859_1_to_utf8, noticed by Sergio Luis.
8) Make gtktextview inputbox switch widget focus on tab key.
9) add gui_auto_open_dialog to setup gui, since too many have this off due to flood.

2006-07-09 16:58:02 Tree
[r1030] by zed

respect gtk-button-images=0 set in ~/.gtkrc-2.0. Noticed by c0rvusc0rax [#1518697]

2006-07-09 15:36:14 Tree
[r1029] by lsitu

Allow scripts that use a non-existent function as the shutdown callback to be unloaded.

2006-07-08 20:46:03 Tree
[r1028] by zed

Plugin API: Add bits 6-8 to the "flags" field in the "channels" list.

2006-07-04 06:02:21 Tree
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