#182 mouse over nickname event -> pop-up


The idea is to have a pop-up displayed when the mouse pointer goes over a nickname (from the text area or the channels' user list. My vision is to use a GtkLabel or a window without any decoration in order to achieve something looking like this: http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gtk/label.png floating beside the nickname. This popup should only have the possibility to display lines of text. Maybe in the future it could be extended to be able to have something more than that, but this goes beyond this feature request.

For comparison with other instant messaging programs, gaim uses something like this, but xchat can go beyond this and allow the plugins and scripts add things to this content or replace it with something completely different. So there should be C bindings to append something or to replace the whole thing, based on some criteria, It must be possible to allow a script to decide whether to display something else than the default popup if some condition is met.

My motivation came from the fact that I got bored to /whois or go via right click -> then some "sub" in order to see the hostmask of some client. This information should be available in an easier and faster way.

The extendibility of this pop-up from scripts and plugins will allow some more advanced user tracking. The IRC protocol allows everybody to change their nicknames with just one command. As it is not ICQ ot MSN, no other user unique identifier is available but the hostmask - ident@host/ip. So a script would be able to memorise different hostmasks and bind them to an unique user handle. The possibility of a simple popup that will have just one label to fill in with text will allow such a script to make this tracking information available very easily. This is just one possible script application, I'm sure other people could come up with something more interesting.


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