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#15 ISO-8859-15 encoding missing and an anomalia with encodings


Releated to my previous encoding bug raport the list of
encodings is missing ISO-8859-15 encoding, which is the
same as ISO-8859-1, but contains Euro symbol '€'. This
is the normal 8bit-encoding in Euro-countries now-a-days.

The basic need for this encoding is that if I happen to
add a single Euro-symbol to my line of chat the whole
line is written to others in UTF-8 encoding. As you
could guess it is anyhow quite often discussion over
euros and this makes others hard to read my writing as
they are using ISO-8859-15 charsets.

The anomalia mentioned on the summary line means this
strange behavior described above. I think that when I
have selected some encoding scheme it should stay the
same all the time and not change due that I happen to
write a charcter that can not be found from target
encoding. Instead of changing the encoding back to
UTF-8 for that line, X-chat should write some
predefined character from used encoding instead of the
character that does not have translation to used encoding.


  • Peter Zelezny.

    Peter Zelezny. - 2003-02-20

    Logged In: YES

    Done this in cvs.

  • Peter Zelezny.

    Peter Zelezny. - 2003-02-20
    • status: open --> closed

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