#680 Wish: charset-per-channel map



I have been using UTF-8 as my system charset for a
while now and switched the Xchat server charset to
Latin1 so I could stay compatible with Latin1 users in
my favorite channels. However, sometimes I wish to join
channels with cyrrilic encodings (KOI8-R) but still be
able to write latin1 chars into other channels.
Unfortunately, when I switch the charset with /charset
KOI8-R, this setting becomes not specific to a channel,
so Latin1 users get crap instead of Umlauts. So my
imaginary proper solution would look so:

- if $user enters /charset foo in a channel bar, this
setting is only used when communicting with this channel
- if $user enters /charset foo in the server window,
this setting becomes default for the server messages
and all channels except of those where /charset was
used separate
- when the setting are changed, they are saved in a
"map file" and restored when X-Chat connect to the same
net and joins the same channel

If I had a bit more time, I would implement it by my
own but maybe there is somebody already working on it
and could let me know.



  • Peter Zelezny.

    Peter Zelezny. - 2004-07-06

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    This is more difficult than you think. The main problem is
    incoming text. Right now it's converted to UTF-8 before
    being parsed, so you don't know what channel it is for. The
    solution would be to convert the message part only .e.g:
    :nick!user@host.com PRIVMSG #channel :<MESSAGE>
    then convert <MESSAGE> from "charset" to UTF-8. But this
    would be in 100 places in the code, for channel messages,
    private, notice, motd etc etc. I'm just not willing to do
    that. Besides, in a few years time everyone should be using
    UTF-8 only. I don't think it's worth expending much energy
    on obsolete technology.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    First, sorry for my english.
    I have this problem too.
    In our irc servers group (Aitvaras), most of all use mirc,
    and mirc has no utf support. We use ISO-8859-13 charset,
    but there are some channels with utf-8.
    I assent to Eduard`s proposal.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I believe only comfortable scheme can improve UTF spreading.
    Even when there will be all around UTF, there will be need
    for different plugins and legacy things. Thus currently
    having separate channels with different encoding can
    greatly improve UTF propagation, because mostly geeky
    channels already can use UFT, but blondie channels do not
    want even to listen about that because lack of support. When
    we stop using UFT everywhere we stop enjoy it ourself and do
    not let spread it ahead. I think it is bad practise try to
    find which first: egg or chicken.

  • Thomas Zehetbauer

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    That would indeed be a very useful feature. I have been
    repeatedly kicked and banned from one of my favourite
    channels (#austria on IRCNet) just because I use UTF-8.

    I do now use two separate client connections but you can
    imagine that this is a less than ideal solution. It would be
    absolutely sufficient if X-Chat could be told to *send*
    messages as ISO-8859-1 for that channel while everything
    else uses UTF-8.

    Maybe someone should consider updating the RFC to define
    UTF-8 as standard.

  • Erik Larsson

    Erik Larsson - 2012-08-13

    8 years later I'm still having this problem. :) No, UTF-8 did not become ubiquitous. Yes, the need for per-channel charset settings will remain.


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