#621 DCC chat responses go to wrong tab/window (xchat2.08/Debian)


Here's the scenario:

Using xchat 2.08 (German version, on Debian) I connect
to an IRC server, join a channel.
In the channel are bots waiting which can be triggerd with

/ctcp Nick SomeTrigger

A DCC chat is then established, on the other side is a
scriptbot answering my comands (e.g. "dir" is answered
with a listing of the current directory). These scripts
usually reside on a Windows box and originate from a
mIRC client (I guess).

When "open channel/dialog in new tab" is selected a new
tab opens up corectly upon establishing a DCC chat
connection. Still, it often happens (not always!) that
the response from the scriptbot is appearing in a
different tab (e.g. the channel tab) as notices (??)
from the bot. In some cases it seems that even writing
in the newly opened chat-tab does not reach the other
side (at least there is no response in reasonable time).

My first solution was to switch the above setting to
"open channel/dialog in new window". This works much
better, but still, from time to time the responses from
the bot appear in a different window than expected
(i.e. they are not visible in the actual chat window).

I have not tried this with regular person-to-person
chats! Maybe this is an issue with the bots, but I
doubt it. This does not happen with mIRC under Windows
(in the same channel, with the same bots).

Any ideas? Cheers, Stefan

PS: Thanks for the great programme!


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