#602 psybnc + freenode-irc => userlist loses entries


when connecting to psybnc using freenode irc the userlist of any freenode channel loses entries up to a point where not even my own nickname is showing up anymore.. only /part /join helps to get back the userlist.

i wrote a little perl plugin to keep a database of joined users on freenode channels => the join/part events are doing ok.. users just dont show up in the userlist at a probability of about 80% (after some time).

this doesnt happen in other irc clients as eg. irssi .

using xchat v2.0.8 linux


  • Peter Zelezny.

    Peter Zelezny. - 2004-05-02

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    If it works fine without psybnc, isn't it psybnc's fault?
    That is, it should be transparent.

    Personally, I don't have/use pysbnc, so someone else will
    need to look into this.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    well.. since it s working with other irc clients and is problematic _only_ with xchat (ok maybe other irc clients, too) it s definitely an xchat issue. :)

  • Frederic Krueger

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    the problem is the following:
    with bouncer software you dont join a channel yourself, but
    you only get a ujoin event.

    the problem now is (couldn't figure that out from the source
    yet) that add_name isn't called for _only_ already connect
    freenode channels on bouncer connect.
    /names #freenode~#freenodechan remedies this, but is a pita ;)

    the problem is that usertree_alpha isn't created for the
    freenode channels since add_name doesn't get called.

    my fix for this is nearly finished already.
    i'm issueing an additional p_names in ujoin if the who
    command didn't succeed to get the info (configurable via
    xchat.conf) which makes xchat create the usertrees via the
    nameslist/nameslist_end functions.

    the only thing left is a minor issue: /who,/names shows up
    in the server's status window.

    i m at it right now.


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