#553 DCC Send accepted when done on the channel.


All versions of XChat seem to accept DCC sends done to
the channel, this can be very harmful when floodbots
are involved.


  • Mike Battersby

    Mike Battersby - 2004-03-15

    Logged In: YES

    This will certainly happen if you have pref.autodccsend
    turned on and the server you connect too allows ctcp dcc's
    to go to channels.

    I'd suggest the correct fix is to check for is_channel()
    before calling handle_dcc in ctcp.c around line 90.

    /* consider DCC to be different from other CTCPs */
    if (!strncasecmp (msg, "DCC", 3))
    /* but still let CTCP replies override it */
    if (!ctcp_check (sess, outbuf, nick, word, word_eol,
    word[4] + 2))
    if (!ignore_check (word[1], IG_DCC) &&
    !is_channel(sess->server, to))
    handle_dcc (sess, nick, word, word_eol);

    There might be a better fix though.

    - mib

  • Peter Zelezny.

    Peter Zelezny. - 2004-03-15

    Logged In: YES

    Yeah, is_channel() check sounds about right, but I think it
    should still print something out. With this patch you'd be
    completely oblivious to the fact that someone's sending DCCs
    to the channel.

    If noone else has a look at it, I'll see what can be done on
    the weekend.
    (Maybe is_channel() check inside handle_dcc())...

  • Mike Battersby

    Mike Battersby - 2004-03-15

    Logged In: YES

    You could add a preference for it but that seems like
    overkill since I can't imagine a situation where you'd even
    care that a spam-bot is dcc sending to the channel. Would
    any legitimate client would want to do that? Probably it
    wouldn't even work for more than the first connection anyway.

    The problem with handle_dcc is that you've lost the "to"
    argument by then, so you'd have to add it to what was
    passed, further cluttering up handle_dcc's arguments.

    - mib


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